Where can I sign the petition against the Kansas DCF, Brownback and others?

Petition filed accuses the Kansas DCF of abusing their power to receive funding.

  • The petition was filed yesterday in Sedgwick County court.

  • Family advocate Jennifer Winn filed the petition and now has 60 days to turn in 4,000 signatures.

  • The petition is calling for a grand jury investigation.

Editorial Note: This article will be updated as events are created for people to come out and sign the petition.

Yesterday, family advocate Jennifer Winn filed papers at Sedgwick County court demanding a grand jury to investigate the Kansas DCF, Governor Sam Brownback, and a list of those involved with Child Protection Services for the State of Kansas.

The petition alleges that the Kansas DCF is abusing their powers to gain from their Title IV funding. Meaning, children are being removed from their home under false pretenses and then kept in the system for unnecessary lengths of time to ensure the Kansas DCF receives more funding.

For those interested in signing the petition, here are a few things you need to know.

  • In order to sign the petition you must be a registered voter in Sedgwick County. Since the petition was filed in the Sedgwick County court, only those from that county are eligible to sign.
  • Signatures will not be accepted through an online source. However, you can request a petition be emailed to you so that you can sign, and help collect signatures.


  • The petition needs 4,000 signatures within 60 days of being filed.

Winn along with other advocates will be collecting the needed signatures for the petition, but are looking for volunteers to help. As of now, there is an event on Saturday, October 22, at 1:00 pm at 7550 S. Broadway, Haysville, Kansas. This event is to bring together those who would like to help collect signatures.

On November 8, the group of advocates hopes to obtain permission to be at every polling station in Sedgwick County. If there is any reason the group cannot obtain permission, TDH was told that you will be able to find people collecting signatures on the sidewalks outside of the polling booths.

Anybody that feels the Kansas DCF acted outside of the law with their case is asked to come forward to provide evidence to present to the grand jury by November 8.

The group is also looking for any volunteers to help with collecting signatures over the next 60 days, especially on November 8. For those interested in either presenting your evidence or if you are interested in volunteering, you can do so by emailing [email protected].

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