Police say shooting in downtown Seattle was not connected to anti-Trump protest

Police say shooting near anti-Trump protest stemmed from a personal argument

  • Five people were said to have been wounded, with one person in critical condition

  • The shooter was said to have fled the scene on foot

  • Assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department Robert Merner stated that the shooting was not linked to the anti-Trump protest

An argument in downtown Seattle ended with five people receiving gunshot wounds. Police on the scene say that it was not related to an anti-Trump protest in the nearby area.

Assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department Robert Merner said that the shooting stemmed from a personal argument. Merner reported, “It appears that some type of argument took place. This individual began to walk away from the crowd, then turned and fired into the crowd.”

The man fled the scene following the shooting and was able to remain at remain at large over an hour later. Police were able to respond to the shooting within minutes since they were already on scene to keep an eye on the anti-Trump demonstrations.

Despite how quickly police were able to arrive on the scene, the man was able to leave the area before their arrival. The man was said to have fled the scene on foot.

One male received the worst injury and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center. The man was reported to be in critical condition as of Wednesday night.

The only information released on the other four injured is that three men and one woman all received non-life-threatening injuries to their legs.

Wednesday night, at least 1,000 protesters have been estimated to have taken to the streets the show their disapproval of Tuesday night’s election results. Seattle is one of many cities to take to the streets with anti-Trump protests.

Police shut down the intersection at Third Avenue and Pine streets after the shooting occurred, due to the large protest happening in the area.



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