Shelby County Rape Suspect Samuel Woods III Denied For Bond Reduction After Sixth Rape Charge

Shelby County, Alabama rape suspect Samuel Woods III denied for bond reduction after his sixth rape charge

  • Samuel Woods III was arrested and charged on April 24, 2017 for two charges of second-degree rape

  • Woods was on bond for four second-degree rape charges at the time of his April arrest

  • On August 28, 2017, Woods will appear in court for a preliminary hearing

In Shelby County, Alabama, a known sexual predator is stuck in jail with no bond since his April 24, arrest.

In a little under a year, 20-year-old Samuel Woods III has managed to rack up six rape charges. Woods will appear in court on August 28, for a preliminary hearing. The April arrest was for two second-degree rape charges.

The April warrants listed March 22, and April 6, as the offense dates. During that time Woods was out on bond for the four other rape charges against him.

Second-Degree Rape

In December 2016, Woods was indicted on four rape charges, three of the charges were from the Alabaster Police Department and one by the Helena Police Department. His two newest charges are currently bound to a Grand Jury.

All six charges claim that Woods engaged in sexual intercourse with a female victim between the age of 12 and 16 while he was “16 years or older and at least two years older.”

Out On Bond

Woods first rape charge came on June 17, 2016, when he was arrested on a second-degree rape charge. Woods was released the next day after posting a $30,000 bond, but it would not be long before he received his next charge.

On June 25, 2016, Woods was arrested and charged again with one charge of second-degree rape. Woods remained in jail until June 28, 2016, when he once again posted a $30,000 bond.

His second release was even shorter lived, as Woods was arrested and charged on two charges of second-degree rape on June 28, 2016. After a total of four second-degree rape charges against him, his attorney managed to strike a deal with prosecutors and Woods was released from jail after paying another bond.

Bond Revoked

It was not until Woods managed to obtain six second-degree rape charges that Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Lara Alvis finally decided to revoke Woods’ bond. Woods’ attorney requested to reinstate his $90,000 bond.

In the request, Woods’ attorney stated that Woods “lives with his parents and is not a flight risk.” His attorney also claimed he could not assist his client while he remained in custody. Alvis denied the request two days after it was filed.

Punish The Victim

Woods received national attention after one of his cases ended with the 14-year-old victim having her 2-day-old infant taken into DHR custody. Woods is reported to be the father of the young girl’s baby.

The case shocked many, as the 14-year-old victim, who decided to keep her baby, ended up with a more severe punishment than Woods. While the young girl was held against her will in a foster home, Woods was able to bond out and continue to accumulate second-degree rape charges.




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