What Was In Rep Sheila Jackson Lee’s Envelope To Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorney

An envelope passed from Texas Democratic Rep Sheila Jackson Lee to Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney has caught the eye of Internet conspiracy theorists

  • The suspicious pass happened after Kavanaugh’s testimony and was caught on cameras that were still filming

  • Some conspiracy theorists believe the envelope was a payoff from George Soros

  • Lee’s office said the envelope contained notes from women that were not allowed in the hearing

Following the testimonies of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford in regards to sexual assault accusations from the early 80’s against the SCOTUS nominee, the Internet has done what it does best and became a hub for different conspiracy theories after an odd moment was caught on camera.

Conspiracy theories escalated after Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee was seen passing an envelope to Ford’s attorney Leland Keyser after Kavanaugh’s testimony. Lee is seen discretely passing the envelope to Keyser. Keyser takes the envelope and slides it directly into his pocket without checking the contents, which only added to suspicion.

While it is unknown if either Lee or Keyser knew the exchange was on camera, the Internet quickly saw it as a chance to throw a George Soros conspiracy into the mix. Soros has long been accused of paying activist groups such as Black Lives Matters, Water Protectors at Standing Rock and Antifa.

According to conspiracy theorists, Soros is paying possibly everybody to keep Kavanaugh from becoming SCOTUS. The envelope caught on camera just solidified that theory, because someone as rich as Soros would never be able to find anyone not so high-profile to payoff Keyser in a place that is not crawling with reporters and the government’s highest officials.

So what did Lee have to say about the suspicious envelope being passed to Keyser? Lee’s office responded to a request from KHOU11 regarding the contents of the envelope, claiming the contents were notes to Ford from women who were not allowed in the hearing.

Simply, what was passed were unopened stationery notes to counsel for Dr. Ford from women who wanted to enter the hearing room but were not allowed to enter the hearing room.

Conspiracy theorists have gone as far as suggesting Soros paid for — or is going to pay for — Ford’s attorneys and polygraph test after she could not say who was getting the bill when asked by staff lawyer Rachel Mitchel. Ford’s attorneys say they are taking the case pro bono, which is not hard to believe due to the high-profile nature of the situation.

The attorneys fees would only be a small comparison to the media exposure they are currently receiving throughout this situation. As far as the mysterious envelope goes, it is improbable this would be the time and place they decided to exchange a massive payoff from Soros.



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