Iowa Rep Shannon Lundgren really implied women should have to carry miscarriages for their full term

Shannon Lundgren stated during a Human Resources Committee hearing that women who miscarry after 20-weeks should carry the baby for the remainder of the pregnancy

  • Lundgren is leading up a new 20-week abortion bill after the failure of the “heartbeat bill”

  • Lundgren later claimed she misspoke and a video of her making the statement was edited to not show her correction

  • The bill would prevent abortions for women past their 20th week of pregnancy

  • According to the CDC only 1.7% of pregnancies occur after the 20th week unless it is a complicated situation

At this point, it is pretty clear where Republicans stand on the issue of abortion. Despite severe backlash towards attempted unconstitutional abortion bans over the years, Iowa Republican Representative Shannon Lundgren decided to double down last week when she suggested women should have to carry a dead fetus full-term should they miscarry after the 20-week mark of pregnancy.

The Iowa state legislature is considering a new 20-week abortion ban after the failed “heartbeat bill”. The bill is aimed to make early-term abortion illegal if a heartbeat was detected. Lundgren is leading up the new bill that may replace the failed heartbeat bill.

I have A Daughter

During the Human Resources Committee hearing, Democrat Representative John Forbes asked Lundgren, “I have a daughter, who is 20 weeks pregnant, worst case scenario: She goes to her doctor next Wednesday and her doctor tells her, We don’t see a heartbeat anymore with this child. Under this legislation, she would have to carry that [pregnancy] until her life became in danger. Is that good medicine?”

Lundgren responded by saying, “This bill wasn’t written [with] the intent to protect or govern on the side of the woman. It was written to save babies’ lives, giving the choice and being the voice of those babies… that don’t have one. I understand what you’re saying—this fetus, this baby, is not alive. I would concur that in that instance, if your daughter’s life is not in danger, that yes, she would have to carry that baby.”

Lundgren implied that a woman should be forced to carry her dead fetus for her full-term should she miscarry after her 20th week of pregnancy. Her statement suggests that the bill protects the right of a dead fetus over the rights living woman. It appeared Lundgren was not aware that the bill was previously amended to make room for situations such as the one Forbes spoke of.

Rep. Lundgren misspoke

The early version of the bill stated that any doctor who performed an abortion after the 20-week mark would be charged with feticide, which is a felony. However, that was amended in a committee hearing and now states that the doctor would face disciplinary actions by the Iowa Board of Medicine. The only exception would be if the woman were at risk of losing her life.

Following in the footsteps of Kellyanne Conway, the Iowa House GOP would later send out a tweet that claimed Lundgren “misspoke” during the hearing.

In an email to Broadly., Lundgren claimed that the video that showed her suggesting a woman would have to carry their dead fetus until full-term was edited.

I answered a question incorrectly and then corrected myself shortly after, which was left out of the video clip being circulated by a partisan, left wing campaign organization. I never advocated that a woman should have to carry a dead fetus to term. There is nothing in this bill that would prohibit a doctor from removing a dead fetus from a woman who has suffered a miscarriage and I never said that I supported making a woman go to term with that fetus inside of her. That would likely be a health risk to the mother, which the bill provides an exception for in those cases.

Lundgren claims that she later corrected herself, however that correction appears to be missing from the full video of the hearing. After being questioned about miscarriages several times, Lundgren finally replied that if a doctor deemed threat carrying the dead fetus as a threat to the woman, then abortion could be allowed. Not that it should, but that it could be allowed.

To give you an idea of just how ridiculously uncalled for this bill is, according to the CDC, 89%-92% of all abortions occur during the first trimester and before the 13th-week. Week 14-20 account for 7.1% of abortions, and only 1.3% occur from 21 weeks on and are normally due to complicated situations.



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