Registered Sex Offender David Shore Found Looking For Families For His Second Book In Family Rights Group

  • Shore was convicted of molesting his moderately mentally disabled daughter when she was 8-years-old
  • In a failed appeal Shore admitted to a detective that he touched his daughter’s vaginal area
  • Shore released a book after he was released from prison where he admits to failing a lie detector test and touching his daughter’s vaginal area
  • Tennessee family attorney Connie Reguli was seen endorsing Shore’s book in a post on her Facebook in January
  • Audio clips from family advocate claim she was helping Shore with a second book and a documentary

It has been a little over two months since The Daily Haze began an investigation into family and children rights groups following claims of sovereign beliefs and scams being pushed upon desperate families. As that investigation continues, the reality of issues inside family advocacy is taking an unexpectedly darker turn.

In one of our more shocking finds, it appears a registered sex offender was let into at least one family advocacy group on Facebook in order to collect stories for a series of books. The Family Forward Project is a group started by Tennessee family attorney Connie Reguli. The group has just over 11,000 members and acted as a perfect hunting ground for 53-year-old David Shore to push his claim of innocence and receive intimate details about child custody cases.

Shore was charged with child molesting on July 30, 2008. He was convicted after a jury trial in 2009 and is currently a registered sex offender. According to a failed appeal, Shore molested his moderately mentally disabled daughter while bathing her. The allegations came after Shore’s daughter asked her foster mother if parents are supposed to show their kids about sex.

Court records show that Shore admitted to molesting his daughter while speaking with Detective Sergeant Tim Lancaster. During his second interview, Shore admitted to touching his daughter’s vaginal area. Shore also claimed he had urges and “he would stay away from his home as a way to keep his children safe.”


Shore is the author of “Families Destroyed: Testimonies from Real Life families who have experienced the trauma of CPS separation and alienation.” A book that Reguli was seen endorsing on social media. On January 12, Reguli made a post on her Facebook with a link to Shore’s book with a description that read, “Nice – I highly recommend David’s book thanks for sharing.” Reguli tags Shore at the end of her post.

One can only hope that Reguli did not read the book before endorsing it to her audience that is made up of many who are going through cases involving Child Protective Services. By the fourth chapter, Shore admits to failing a lie detector test and admits to touching his daughter’s vagina during a bath when she was 8-years-old. In Shore’s words, he “briefly touched her vagina area,” then “pulled away immediately.” Shore also confirms the content of his second interview with Lancaster where he acknowledged what he had done was wrong.

The detective then gave me a sheet of paper and a pen, and said I should write down anything that comes to mind. He said people sometimes suppress a bad incident, and by writing it down, makes it better, because it is out in the open. The detective then left the room, and told me that if I had thought of anything, to write it down and knock on the door. The only thing I could think of, is when Emily was Eight (8) years old, I assisted her with her bath. I had helped her wash her legs, and I briefly touched her vagina area, to which I pulled away immediately. I washed her hair, and then waited outside the bathroom for Emily to finish her bath (which was her swimming around in the tub).
A few minutes later, Emily said she was done. I helped her out of the bathtub, helped her dry off, helped her dress, and sent her to bed.
I wrote all of this down, and knocked on the door. Detective Lancaster, after reading this, asked me the following question, “Do you know its wrong to touch your daughter in a sexual manner?” I answered, with my head down, yes. Detective Lancaster then said, “So you touched her?” I nodded yes. Detective Lancaster then had me stand up, handcuffed me, and arrested me on the charge of child molestation.

Shore then goes on to claim his innocence in his book — despite admitting he failed a lie detector test and admitting he had touched his daughter inappropriately to a detective. In his defense, Shore claims he is allowed to bathe his daughter and claims his daughter does not remember the incident. Shore was not able to prove this in court, as an Indiana Appellate Court denied both his appeal and post-conviction relief. Shore was sentenced to six years in prison.

The majority of Shore’s book consists of random articles and stories from families showing faults in CPS. Shore loosely claims his conviction is related to problems within the agency, again, despite admitting to inappropriately touching his daughter in his book and to a detective. It is unknown if the families Shore spoke to for his book were aware that he is a registered sex offender.

Along with Shore not being allowed online due to the conditions of his release, Facebook also does not allow registered sex offenders to have accounts on their platform. A section in the Facebook Help Center reads, “Convicted sex offenders aren’t allowed to use Facebook. If you’ve encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender, please report it to us.”

Concerned social media users reported Shore’s account and it was quickly removed. Before it was removed, users took screenshots of some of the pages Shore was following, including a page called “Penelope’s Pantyhose on Patreon,” a page to buy worn pantyhose. Under normal circumstances, this is a fairly common fetish and not necessarily a red flag, but in this situation, we are talking about a registered sex offender trying to join family and child advocates. Shore had a long list of sexually explicit pages he followed on Facebook. Below are some of the pages he was following.

Shore also still has multiple YouTube channels. In a video on what appears to be his main channel, Shore actually interrogates the daughter he admitted to molesting in an attempt to prove his innocence. Some have claimed the video acts as evidence that his daughter was most likely capable of washing herself at 8-years-old. In another video Shore is seen screaming at Casey Hendrickson — a radio talk show host — for not reporting on his claims against CPS. In one video Shore claims to be homeless. Shore posted a video just three weeks ago directed towards Reguli’s family advocacy group and his lack of time to talk with families reaching out to him, showing the group had became a tool for him to contact desperate families.

Some of the videos Shore has liked from one of his YouTube channels include, “ASMR Daphne/Scooby Doo Roleplay#2 JEEPERS,” “Realdoll’s sex capable robot “Harmony” animation test,” and “ASMR Binaural Mouth Sounds – Putting you in my Mouth,” showing a continuing trend in Shore’s following of sexual material on popular social media sites. On another channel, Shore questions Muslims while referring to himself as “The Infidel American.” 

Self-proclaimed family advocate and founder of the “Family Rights Protection Foundation” Jamie Sparks Wehrheim-Johnson was one of the people showing Shore support. While Johnson has denied promoting Shore, in a live video she stated she felt “sorry” for how people were treating him after finding out about his conviction. To make matters worse, in audio messages from Johnson obtained by TDH she makes it clear that she is helping with a second book and a documentary. In the recordings, Johnson claims people have been wrongfully convicted and states that she does not believe a child molester would be publicly admitting it. While she claims to not support his crimes, Johnson also makes it clear she is not denouncing him or warning families of his current sex offender registration.

Perhaps most disturbing is the response to outrage over Shore’s involvement with families in these advocacy groups. Multiple members of the Family Forward Project claimed anytime they mentioned his name, their post was deleted. Prior to this article, I made two posts from my personal account, one of which asking for comment from one of the many admins of the group on Shore’s activity in the group and any actions that are being taken to prevent child molesters from entering the group in the future. Both posts were removed without response and Reguli has since referred to me as a “hater.”

Other members of Reguli’s group claimed they saw Shore openly speak of his crimes within the group. Until evidence has been provided to clear his name and as long as he remains a registered sex offender it is extremely irresponsible to allow Shore in family advocacy groups. It is even more irresponsible to support and push his projects on unsuspecting families while still registered as a sex offender. It is completely despicable to ignore such a serious issue when brought to light. Both Johnson and Reguli have yet to denounce any affiliation with Shore.



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