Sedgwick County Kansas DA Marc Bennett Offers Admitted Child Molester Brandon Lloyd Probation In Disturbing Audio Recording

Sedgwick County DA has offered admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation and explains why in a disturbing meeting with the victim’s parents

  • Lloyd is in Sedgwick County Jail and faces several sexual crimes against a minor

  • Audio recording of a meeting between Bennett and the victim’s parents shows a very callous side of the DA

  • The plea agreement would also allow for Lloyd to move to Ohio where he would only be on probation

  •  Judge Christopher Magana will decide if Lloyd receives Bennett’s plea agreement next Thursday

Imagine your child was being molested in your home and you had no idea it was happening. Now imagine if your child came forward, and the attacker admitted it, but the district attorney over the case offered a plea deal of probation. It is a scenario that seems hard to believe but happens more than many realize.

Brandon Michael Lloyd

Right now, Brandon Michael Lloyd is sitting in Sedgwick County Jail charged with six counts of Aggravated Incest, one count of Criminal Sodomy with a Child, one count of Aggravated Indecent Liberties with a Child, and one count of Aggravated Criminal Sodomy.

Lloyd has admitted to the charges against him and is scheduled for sentencing next Thursday. Even with Lloyd admitting to the charges, the victim’s parents were shocked when Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett offered him probation.

Aside from offering Lloyd a plea bargain that would give him probation, it would also allow him to move to Ohio to serve his sentence, where there is a possibility he would not have to register as a sex offender.

The Daily Haze received an audio recording of a meeting between Bennett and the victim’s parents. It is disturbing to hear Bennett’s cold and callous attitude towards the situation. At one point, Bennett’s manners causes the victim’s father to interrupt and say, “With all due respect, you know what bed manner is? Please give us some bed manner.”

Meeting With Bennett

The recording begins with Bennett entering the room and introducing himself by saying, “Hi. I am Marc Bennett.” Bennett then begins going over Lloyd’s plea agreement. The full recording can be heard below, along with some key points from the meeting underneath.

1:00 – Bennett goes over the sex offender registration for Lloyd. Bennett says Lloyd will have to register as a sex offender in Kansas, and “should” have to register in Ohio, continuing with, “I say should because I don’t control what Ohio’s gonna do.”

Bennett explains that Ohio is supposed to honor the Kansas conviction and that there is nothing in the past to lead him to believe that they would not comply with the registration, but at the end of the day he does not have any say with what Ohio will do.

3:50 – Bennett begins to go over what charges Lloyd has accepted. As part of the plea agreement, Bennett said he would drop the Criminal Sodomy charge, the most severe charge against Lloyd.

Bennett explains that even though Lloyd admitted to all of the charges, he has agreed to drop the Criminal Sodomy as long as he admits guilt to the lesser charges. The parents are clearly not in approval of the decision, mainly due to Lloyd admitting that he committed the crimes. Bennett explains that Lloyd’s confession does not matter, as they would have to get him to do it again in court.

8:49 – The victim’s father asks if Lloyd will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life, to which Bennett gives a reassuring, “Right.” The victim’s mother responds by saying, “They told me 25-years,” to which Bennett responds “It may be 25 now that you mention that. They changed the law, some of them are a lifetime, I think maybe it is a lifetime for kids under 13.”

11:34 – In response to Bennett once again saying he does not have control over what will happen in Ohio; the victim’s mother asks, “See that is what I don’t understand, why you would even consider releasing him to another state if you can’t control what happens?” Bennett responds, “Fair enough. But at the end of the day, even if he does his time here, he’s going to go back to that state eventually.”

12:55 – Bennett says, “To be blunt here, I don’t know what you’re expecting from me. You had 90 minutes with my attorneys, and what I got out of it is, you won’t allow, you don’t want them ever being in contact with your daughter.”

The victim’s mother responds by saying, “Because Monika told my daughter she had a choice whether to be raped or not.” The victim’s mother was speaking in regards to the Assistant District Attorney Monika L Hoyt. Bennett denies the claim, and the following part of the recording is transcribed as follows.

Bennett: “I think that was misunderstood. I don’t believe for a second that Monika meant that. She’s been doing this too long to, I mean if she said it, uh, she shouldn’t have. But I don’t think that’s what she meant. I think what she meant was,” (inaudible as the victim’s mother interrupts with a question).

Victim’s Mother: “What it came across.”

Bennett: “I don’t doubt that it came across,” (once again inaudible due to both talking).

Victim’s Father: “To give her the benefit of the doubt, especially when you talk about words and sometimes they don’t come across, you perceive them as maybe they come across not, not as intended. I understand that. I do.”

Bennett: “I don’t think that she would have ever said that,” (once again becomes inaudible).

Victim’s Father: “And I hope she wouldn’t. Not as a human being. Not as somebody who, who has empathy and is empathetic.”

Bennett: “Well she would have to be an idiot to say that to (inaudible) a victim.” The sound becomes slightly inaudible for another moment before Bennett continues by saying, “I don’t think she’s that dumb. I think she screwed up and she was feeling tense about the conversation, and it came out wrong. But, before that she, I, I hope she apologized (inaudible) but if not, I’ll apologize on her behalf.”

Bennett shifts the conversation by talking about his history in sex crimes. Bennett claims that his goal is to get a conviction without putting the victim on the stand, even though his plea agreement will allow Lloyd to be free on the streets putting others in danger, which is the victim’s biggest fear.

It should be noted that there are no solid numbers to prove the how many sex offenders commit another crime after being caught, mainly due to the lack of reported sex crimes. Many second and third time offenders are never even discovered due to problems with monitoring surround the issue of sexual assault.

18:22 – The victim’s mother asks if the judge typically follows the DA’s suggestions, which Bennett claims not all the time. Bennett goes on to talk about a similar situation from last year when Judge David Kaufman gave a sex offender probation instead of the suggested jail time.

The rest of the recording mainly consists of Bennett trying to justify his decision in the case. When the victim’s mother says that the victim was upset over Lloyd not being charged with rape, Bennett dodges the statement.

At one point during the conversation, Bennett tries to justify not charging Lloyd with rape due to a questioning that transpired with the victim, even though the victim is a minor. At the time of questioning, the victim did not have her parents or any attorney with her.

A Mother’s Plea For Her Child’s Attacker To Receive Jail Time

Next Thursday, Judge Christopher Magana will decide if Lloyd will receive Bennett’s plea agreement. The mother has written the following letter to Magana as a last effort to prevent Lloyd from receiving such a light punishment.

“I write this to you to ask you with my deepest humility and the belief that you, and you alone, can help deliver some form of justice for my daughter. February 19, 2000, God gave me one of my most precious and beloved gifts, my beautiful daughter Olivia.

When I first saw her I knew in my heart she would be the light of my life and my greatest joy. As she grew up, I realized that she had so much strength and faith. Little did I know the true depth of her strength and faith. She was a kind and trusting little girl with a smile that brightened any room she entered. As she grew into the strong and intelligent young girl she is today I realized that there were a sadness and loneliness about her.

I never understood why she struggled to make friends, why she shied away from girlfriends coming to the house, why she had night terrors, why this beautiful girl struggled so very much to see her own beauty. I now am fully aware of why my beautiful girl had all of these struggles.

I found out that my daughter was the victim of a cruel, and heartless human being that began molesting her around the age of 5. That groomed her into feeling that she was worthless, unbelievable and unloveable even by her own mother.

He raped her and took her innocence, her self-worth, her dignity and her peace at the age of 12. He groomed her for seven years before he raped her. He did this in order to ensure she would not tell. He used alcohol to control and make her feel as if somehow this was her fault. He did all of these things as a calculated predator. And honestly if you let this monster walk out of this courtroom today on probation you reinforce that very message to her and all the little girls he will continue to do this too.

Brandon is a calculating and manipulative man. He lived in my home; I took care of him, I fed him, made his favorite meals, supported him in school and college, celebrated his successes and comforted his failures. I encouraged him and had hope for him to become a decent man. I trusted him as a brother to my daughter to protect her and watch out for her. Brandon moved out here, and we started him on therapy because I wanted to help him acclimate to being removed from his mother’s care and living in a new place where he would have to meet new friends. Not once did he tell the therapist about any issues or problems. When his brother went off the deep end and got lost in drugs, we once again turned to a therapist that he saw for over a year.

He never once revealed any issues to her. He was given every opportunity in his life. He lived a privileged life in Wilson Estates going to private school, personal training and private tennis lessons. We sent him to a private college so he could pursue tennis and a higher education. We gave him our time and love always being at his matches and school stuff.

Many times when he came home from college, I would grocery shop with him, spend time with him and make food for him. He would rape my daughter and then come up take his groceries and hug me goodbye. He may look like a good all-American young man, but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a sociopath that does not have a conscience. He hides his evil because he knows it is wrong and wants to continue doing it anyway. He took my beautiful daughter and groomed her into his sex toy that he tormented and used at his leisure.

My Olivia is a beautiful, smart and amazing girl. Throughout her Hell with Brandon, she had her faith and strength carry her. She has struggled with night terrors, crippling depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, and guilt that she does not deserve. She could have turned to drugs, alcohol or even suicide. But she did not.

She turned to her faith in a loving God. She turned to her academics and is currently sporting a 3.85 in all honors classes; she turned to sports. She is an incredibly fierce and dedicated soccer player and will play in college; she will do great things in her life. You may look at her and say she is ok, this did not affect her. But you could not be more wrong. She is no victim she is a strong, fierce competitor that you always want on your side, but she is broken and can be full of self-doubt.

She hides this well, and she will overcome this but do not think for one second that Brandon Lloyd did not violate a little girl and try his best to destroy her. He underestimated her strength, determination and her goodness. He needs jail time. I pray that I am wrong, but I believe he will do this again. But this time he will learn and maybe she will not come forward. Is this a risk you want in a community?

Child rapists are the most horrific predators that do not change. Please give Olivia justice, show her that coming forward mattered, that you care what happened to her and please don’t wait for this child predator to strike again. Make him serve his jail time. Please don’t make my daughter look over her shoulder wondering when he will come for her again.”



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