Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Push Refer Madness Propaganda On Kansans Over THC Filled Vape Cartridges

  • Sheriff Jeff Easter on Thursday held a press conference over the discovery of an unknown number of THC cartridges for vape pens
  • The press conference pushed issues such as violent crimes related to marijuana and “marijuana-induced psychosis”
  • Easter claims THC cartridges are new to Kansas but multiple sources tell The Daily Haze they have been available for a while

On Thursday afternoon, Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter held a press conference to warn families in Kansas after the Sedgwick County Sherrif’s Department discovered an undisclosed number of THC vape cartridges with cartoon characters on the packages.

The press conference used Refer Madness era propaganda, complete with warnings of harming children, marijuana leading to violence, and of course, “marijuana-induced psychosis.” The press conference was another example of the uneducated opinion Kansas officials have held against marijuana even as the majority of states around the country benefit from both medicinal and recreational use.

Easter claimed THC cartridges are a new issue and those seized by the SCSD came from California. According to out of touch Kansas officials, these cartridges were first seen in the State of Kansas about three weeks ago. However, The Daily Haze spoke to many sources who claim THC cartridges are far from new to Kansas. The same sources claimed they have not seen any new issues, such as violence, in the few years these THC vape have been available in Kansas, including in Easter’s district of Sedgwick County.

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The SCSD released a powerpoint presentation on THC cartridges. The presentation shows different THC cartridges still in their packages with cartoon characters such as Rick and Morty, South Park, and Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers, among others. Each package contains a one gram cartridge that is said to be between 80% and 90% pure THC.

Easter argued that marijuana is not a non-violent offense, despite evidence of the black market’s influence over violent crimes linked to marijuana. One of two instances he referred to involved a robbery of a dispensary where a person was killed. While Easter places the blame for the robbery on marijuana, robberies of businesses such as gas stations, grocery stores, and even homes would argue that criminals do not target marijuana facilities in specific even in states where it is medical or legal.

The majority of Kansans have shown they are ready to move forward with at the very least medical marijuana. Newly elected Governor Laura Kelly stated in her campaign that she is supportive of medical marijuana in Kansas. It is still unclear if a supportive governor will be enough for Kansas to catch up to other cannabis-friendly states, but it is far past time to begin seriously considering that option.



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