Sedgwick County Kansas Sentences Dying Woman To Jail Forcing Her To Miss Chemotherapy While Offering A Child Molester Probation

Sedgwick County Kansas sentenced 53-year-old Angela Kastner to jail forcing her to miss her chemotherapy while offering self-admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation

  • Kastner got in an accident due to dehydration from her chemotherapy treatment

  • Very trace amounts of prescribed Marinol was found in Kastner’s system

  • Sedgwick County charged Kastner with a DUI and sentenced her to two days in jail

  • The sentence forced Kastner to miss her chemotherapy which means she will have to restart her regimen

  • Kastner is diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

  • Sedgwick County offered self-admitted child molester probation just prior to Kastner’s sentence

It is no secret that Sedgwick County, Kansas has no problem putting someone in jail for often trivial and victimless crimes. On Wednesday, Sedgwick County flexed their muscle towards a 53-year-old woman dying of Stage 4 Colon Cancer.

Last year, Angela Kastner was involved in a car accident after suffering from dehydration from her chemotherapy. Kastner got sick in her vehicle, which caused her to hit a dump truck, then forced her vehicle into other vehicles.

Kastner, who already had enough medical ailments, received a brain bleed from her airbag going off during the accident. The accident was deemed Kastner’s fault, and her insurance took care of all cars involved.

Trace Amounts Of Prescription Marinol

While Kastner thought that would be the end of the situation, the Sedgwick County court system had other plans. Kastner had trace amounts of prescription Marinol in her system.

Marinol is an FDA approved medication used with chemotherapy to commonly help with some of the side effects of the treatment, such as a severe loss of appetite.

In December, Kastner found out exactly how far Sedgwick County was willing to go to get a conviction. Kastner received notice that she was being charged with a DUI due to the trace amounts of Marinol in her system. Kastner ended up pleading no contest to the DUI.

48-Hours In Jail

On Wednesday, Kastner had to check herself in jail for 48-hours, despite having a scheduled appointment for chemotherapy and a doctors appointment. Kastner will now have to restart her entire regimen; she told KAKE News on Tuesday night before checking herself into jail.

Kastner’s niece, Krystal Wyrick-Fleming is concerned that Kastner will not even be able to make it through the short sentence, due to her diminished health. Along with having to restart her chemotherapy, Wyrick-Fleming is concerned that Kastner will be forced into hospice due to sentence.

Is This Justice

In the same breath, Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett just recently offered self-admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation.

Lloyd is in Sedgwick County Jail and charged with six counts of Aggravated Incest, Criminal Sodomy with a Child, Aggravated Indecent Liberties with a Child, and Aggravated Criminal Sodomy.

Lloyd has admitted to the charges he is facing, yet Bennett has offered a plea bargain that would give Lloyd time served, and then place him on probation. The plea bargain also allows Lloyd to move to Ohio to serve his probation.

The Daily Haze received an audio recording between the victim’s parents and Bennett. The video below contains the audio of Bennett explaining why he offered such a low penalty for such a serious list of crimes.



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