Second Punch: Has Richard Spencer Become a Symbolic Alt-Right Punching Bag?

Images of Richard Spencer Being Punched in the Face a Second Time Have Surfaced

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer cannot catch a break from those opposed to the ideology of racism and xenophobia espoused by the so-called alt-right — after video went viral of the Trump supporter being blindsided by an elbow to the face, it happened again.


As the Richard Spencer Getting Punched to Music meme remains a viral sensation, images proving rumors of a second punch true have finally begun circulating on social media.

Differing backgrounds and long hair on the latest opportunist — in contrast to the first puncher’s black hoodie-clad physique — show Spencer being sucker punched for a second time.


Perhaps this is the beginning of a trend?

Following wide circulation of Inauguration Day video showing the first ‘punch heard ‘round the world,’ Wesearchr issued a bounty payable to anyone who could conclusively identify Spencer’s ostensible black bloc attacker and vowed to turn the information over to authorities.

“Let’s bust this wannabe black bloc boxer,” Wesearchr staff wrote on its website devoted to divulging the person’s identity.

Just two days after President Donald Trump took the oath of office, Wesearchr posted an update to that site, stating, “The Minimum has been reached and this is now a Wanted Bounty! Keep funding it! The more money it raises, the bigger the incentive for an Answer becomes.”

Then, on Tuesday, another update read, “Information on the suspect who is the subject of this bounty will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement departments. As our terms of service and disclaimers state, this is not a call for any vigilante justice, libel, or other illegal action.”

In response to the undertones of potential violence a bounty naturally contains, Twitter suspended Wesearchr’s account. Founder Charles Johnson has vowed to fight the ban in a lawsuit, telling We Are Change,

“We are going to be suing them and bringing it up with our allies in the Trump admin.”

Further, in November, Twitter mass suspended alt-right accounts in the name of banning hate speech — and one of those accounts was the apparent punching bag, Richard Spencer, himself. Of that and Wesearchr’s ban, Spencer told We Are Change,

“Twitter’s policies are inconsistent, opaque, and confusing. I challenge anyone to explain how WeSearchr violated the terms of service! And it’s bigger than that. Twitter isn’t just a Web service, it has a public function. Unless it rises to the challenge, and supports free speech, it will go the way of the dodo.”

Whatever indignation the alt-right leader expresses now seems to be matched in kind by outrage and spontaneous beatings from his detractors — and near immediate efforts by social media to find the humor in the situation.



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