Press Release: Schwab family calling for protest at the nation’s capital.

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Parents, advocates and special interest groups join the Schwabs in front of the American Psychological Association in DC at August 4 2016 to protest corrupt Child Protection Practices nationwide.

Washington DC, August 1, 2016-

Parents will rally together in the Capitol Thursday protest of corrupt child protection practices nationwide.

Raymond and Amenia Schwab continued their protest from Kansas to DC on June 23, 2016. The Schwabs, and thousands of parents experiencing firsthand the corruption of child protection agencies, hope to see the Families First Prevention Services Act gain momentum during their protest.

In 2012 at least 3.8 million children in the US were the subject of a child protection investigation. 17.7% of those investigations were substantiated. Meaning the child protection agency found that they had been abused. About 25% of these children of substantiated investigations were sent to federally funded foster care facilities or homes. Their average stay would be 2 years, earning a foster care facility or home about $20,000 a year per child (this is an estimate based on the numbers released to the Children’s Bureau Department of Health and Human Services).

The profit available to a potential foster care agency or family places reunification with parents on the back burner to maximize the kickbacks. Over the years, this has led to children being removed without just cause and little to no due process.

The Schwabs are hosting the event in recognition of their parental rights group ‪#‎amotherishere‬. Amelia Schwab founded this group based out of the battle she and Raymond share in having their children returned to them. As is all to often in the child protection business these days, the Schwab’s children were removed without due process and without just cause.

Many parent, advocates, and special interest groups plan to attend The August 4th protest.


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