Schwab Children Spend Third Christmas Eve Away From Family

Raymond and Amelia Schwab found out on Christmas Eve their children would not be home through Christmas Eve

  • Raymond posted a video on YouTube breaking his silence on his children’s return home

  • In the video Raymond claims the attorney ad litem Lora Ingels sabotaged the family’s Christmas Eve

  • The Schwab’s are concerned the Kansas Department for Children and Families will go against a judges orders in November to return the children home

In November, Raymond and Amelia Schwab were told they would finally be receiving their children back from state custody before the holidays following a three year battle with the Kansas Department for Children and Families. Sadly, the judge’s decision in November was not followed, and the Schwab children spent their third Christmas Eve in state custody.

On Christmas Eve, Raymond posted a video on YouTube breaking his silence with claims the children’s attorney ad litem, Lora Ingels, abused her power to ensure the children were not home for Christmas Eve.

Raymond told The Daily Haze he was shocked when he and his wife received calls from their children crying, and clearly upset because they were told they were not going to be allowed to go home for Christmas. Raymond said the children required an emergency counseling session due to the trauma of being denied to go home for Christmas Eve.

While the attorney ad litem is supposed to act in the best interest of the children, Raymond claims Ingels has taken it upon herself to keep the children away from their parents and even went as far as sabotaging services the Schwabs were told to set up by their judge in November.

On Christmas, Amelia did receive the Schwab children. Raymond remains in Puerto Rico where he is working on restoring the power grid in the area. On Tuesday, the children are supposed to be back in the Schwabs’ custody. However, Raymond told TDH he is concerned following Ingels actions on Christmas Eve that she may once again try to prevent the children’s return home.

Original Story

On Monday, a battle that has been going on for over three years has finally come to a closure after a Kansas judge gave the order to return the Schwab children to their parents by Christmas of this year.

Monday evening, Raymond Schwab posted a live video to his Facebook page following court. In the video, Raymond explains that his lawyers filed for immediate reunification. Despite objection from the Guardian ad litem, the decision was made. The Schwab children are coming home.

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