This guy created a scam Go Fund Me for Nico Hernandez’s family.

A fraudulent Go Fund Me has been spotted for Olympic boxer Nico Hernandez.

  • A Go Fund Me campaign claims that Olympic boxer Nico Hernandez’s family cannot afford to get back from Rio.

  • The Hernandez family has claimed they do not know the individual behind the campaign.

  • The campaign has a goal of $5,000, but as of now has raised nothing.

UPDATE: The Go Fund Me campaign has been removed since the release of this article. Worman has also set his Twitter account to private after claiming he would provide proof to The Daily Haze later today.

This week the world watched Nico Hernandez earn a medal in men’s boxing. It has been 8-years since the US has brought home a medal in men’s boxing. Hernandez is from Wichita, Kansas, which has not produced a winner of an Olympic medal since Jim Ryun in 1968.

While most from Hernandez’s hometown celebrated his victory, others sadly saw it as a chance to take advantage of people.

A Go Fund Me was created titled “Nico Hernandez’s family come home.” The crowd fundraising campaign claims that Hernandez’s family spent everything they had to watch their son compete in the Olympics.

“I am raising up money to help bring Nico Hernandez’s the boxer who went to the Olympics, family back home. They used everything they had to go see him fight at the Olympics, but have no way of getting back. So help me show our gratitude, and help thank Nico Hernandez by raising up money to bring his family back home from RIO.
Help spread the word!”

The Daily Haze reached out to Hernandez’s mother, Chello Hernandez who told us this was, in fact, a scam. Chello said the claims in the fundraiser were “crazy,” and “so very false.”

Who started the Go Fund Me?

The campaign was started under the name Nicholas Worman. Worman set the goal at $5,000 to “get the Hernandez family home.” Chello said she and the family do not know who Worman is.

An account on Explore Talent states that Worman is 24-years-old and lives in Hernandez’s hometown of Wichita, Kansas. A LinkedIn account that appears to have been created by Worman claims he is a grill cook at Cracker Barrel.

Worman’s Twitter account also claims he is raising money for the HernandezMan tries to scam Nico hernandez family family.The Daily Haze reached out to Worman for comment on the scam campaign. He claimed that it was not a scam, despite us letting him know we had spoke to Hernandez’s mother.

As of now the campaign has raised $0.00, and comments on the campaign make it clear that nobody is going to fall for it. The Daily Haze has already sent a complaint to Go Fund Me and encourages you to report this scam as well.



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