Petition For Saybra Nicole’s Arrest Following Viral Child Endangerment Video

UPDATE: Following Mccoy’s viral video, and the petition to arrest Saybra Nicole, an arrest was made on Tuesday afternoon according to KSLA. The attacker was apprehended and then appeared in front of a judge with her mother. No other arrests have been made at this time.

A petition on is calling for the arrest of Saybra Nicole following a viral video showing her punch a mother while holding her toddler

  • Jeremy Mccoy posted the video to his Facebook on Monday

  • The video has received over five million views in under 24 hours

  • In the video Nicole is seen striking the victim in the face while she was holding her 6-month-old son

A viral video posted just 23 hours ago has been viewed over five million times and has the Internet demanding justice.

The video was posted to Jeremy Mccoy’s Facebook page with the caption, “Hate to post this of my daughter being assaulted by 2 girls, and nothing has been done yet 5 days later. So please share.”

In the video, the victim can be seen holding her baby and yelling, “My baby is only 6-months-old!” A young woman identified on Facebook as Saybra Nicole from Idabel, Oklahoma, can be heard screaming in response, “I don’t care,” just before the victim is struck by what appears to be another young woman in the video.

The victim is seen walking away and holding her nose from where she was just hit. A male can be heard saying, “Y’all can’t be doing that, she got a baby in her hands.”

She Got A Baby In Her Hands

As the victim tries to go inside her house, Nicole is seen walking close behind her. When the victim is just a couple feet away from the door, Nicole strikes her again in the face. A man can be heard saying, “Saybra! God damn! What the fuck? She got a baby in her hands,” as Nicole walks away from the residence.

In the short time the video has been online, it has been discovered that the attacker has two Facebook accounts, one under the name Saybra Nicole, and another under the name Saybra Nikole.

A petition for the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Department calling for the arrest of Nicole is circulating on The petition has a goal of 5,000 signatures and has already reached over 3,100. The description for the petition reads as follows.

Janie was assaulted and mistreated by the girl saybra Nicole. Saybra not only assaulted Janie, but put the life of that innocent child in danger. That went to far and anyone who assaults a mother with a child in their arms deserve punishment at the fullest extent of the law.



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