The Satanic Temple Denver Is Throwing A Fundraiser And Collecting Items For The Homeless

Editor’s Note: The original article may not have been clear on where donations are going. The Satanic Temple Denver Chapter wants it to be clear that cash donations will go to TST, and any items donated will go to Atheists Helping the Homeless.

The Satanic Temple’s Denver Chapter is throwing a fundraiser to for the organization Atheists Helping the Homeless

  • The event has been named “SATURNALIA” after an ancient Roman festival to honor the god Saturn

  • At the event there will be a chocolate Baphomet shot luge, three Satanic rituals, strippers, and more

  • Those attending will be able to purchase “Devil Dollars” to “unlock even more debauchery”

The Satanic Temple is doing fundraising right. A description of a fundraiser for TST and Atheists Helping the Homeless promises a giant chocolate Baphomet shot luge, three Satanic rituals, strippers, a silent satanic art auction, games of skill and chance, and arts and (witch)crafts.

The event is “SATURNALIA,” named after an ancient Roman festival to honor the god Saturn. It was originally held on December 17 of the Julian calendar—a calendar proposed by Julius Caesar in 46 BC that took effect on January 1 45 BC—but was later extended to continue the festivities through the 23.

TST’s SATURNALIA is on December 16, from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am the morning of the 17. The location will not be publicly revealed, instead you will receive details in an email after swearing to Satan to not disclose the location to anybody with ill-intentions. You can order your tickets to SATURNALIA by clicking here.

Those attending will be able to purchase “Devil Dollars,” which according to the description will “unlock even more debauchery.” It is also requested that people bring the following items to donate towards Atheists Helping the Homeless’ cause. Cash donations will go towards TST and all items donated will go to Atheists Helping the Homeless.

  • Deodorant (travel size)

  • Toothpaste (travel size)

  • Shampoo/ Bodywash (travel size)

  • Socks

  • Winter Coats

Ada King

The Daily Haze spoke with Ada King, Media Liaison for The Satanic Temple Colorado about the upcoming event.

TDH – Is this the first year TST is holding this fundraiser?

King – Yes, our chapter was founded in June of 2016 and became official after our second event in July of this year. The founder has an incredible coming-to-satan story, and I’m so happy that our chapter’s foundation was built on that.

TDH – How did you come up with the idea for the fundraiser?

King – My best friend Sarkany Jane and I were gloriously high at our art studio one night, and she turned to me and said, “I want to partner with TSTCO on my annual Saturnalia birthday party.”

TDH – Over the last few years Denver has drawn national attention for extremely drastic and at times inhumane actions against the homeless community, has TST faced any push against the event that you know of?

King – At this point no. I see a lot more work towards helping those experiencing the horror of homelessness. In my personal non-TST org opinion, not having a home is a result of wealth inequality which in my personal opinion, not TST often driven by the tribalism and corporate culture of theocracy. Doing what we can to support people directly is, in my opinion, and interpretation of the tenets, a perfectly satanic thing to do.

I hope to keep the event crowded with the right people who understand the vital necessity of the work there is to be done to spread religious plurality and unilateral compassion. That is why we have a two-step application for entry for anyone, not a member.

TDH – Could you tell us a little bit more about the two-step application?

King – Sure. It requires a signature to confirm the forfeiture of one’s soul to enter the event twice and a blood orgy joke to weed out the weirdos. It’s hilarious. We did a good job. You fill out a bunch of questions on the first page Then council approves it, and you can then buy a ticket.

Only after that do you get emailed the address. You also swear to Satan you won’t share it with people who are trying to mess up my best friends birthday party, a fundraiser for our chapter and helping people.

TDH – What could keep someone from being able to attend?

King – Clearly trolling, having a racist Facebook page, etc. We are forced to take security very seriously.

TDH – So this an open event to anybody as long as they meet TST’s requirements, correct?

King – Yes. They have to be aware of TST and support what we do. The remaining questions guarantee that at least they google us if nothing else.

The Satanic Temple

The event is far from the first time the TST has got involved with the community in areas all over the country. While some may hear the words “Satanic Temple” and immediately think sacrifices and drinking blood, TST tries to remain active with their communities around the country.

In Belle Plaine, Minnesota on March 1, 2017, TST submitted a monument proposal dedicated to the veterans of Belle Plaine. In Springtown, Texas, TST also put together “The Protect Children Project” after “a male assistant principal, Kirt Shaw, brutally spanked two teenage girls despite school rules prohibiting such actions.”



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