San Francisco Police Prepare For White Supremacist Rally On Saturday

San Francisco police are preparing for a white supremacist rally on Saturday

  • Saturday’s event has been put together by the Patriot Prayer group

  • Patriot Prayer organizer Joe Gibson claims the group is against racism

  • San Francisco police say their main focus will be keeping the two opposing groups separated

  • Patriot Prayer events are known for attracting Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and members of the KKK

A terrifying trend of tolerance towards white supremacist rallies is spreading around the country as these hate groups skate on the fragile line of provocative hate speech and the constitutionality of freedom of speech.

San Francisco is just one area that is now preparing their police for a rally on Saturday that is expecting to attract both white supremacists and counter protesters.

Full Force

San Francisco police plan on being out on Saturday in full force. According to the LA Times, Police Chief Bill Scott stated that he hopes a large police presence will prevent the violence seen in Charlottesville and other areas of the country.

San Francisco officials are not able to stop the permitted gathering at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area by the Patriot Prayer group, forcing officers to work to keep the peace between the two groups.

A rally in Berkeley on Sunday will follow Saturday’s rally. Berkeley is no stranger to these heated gatherings, as multiple arrests were made after left-wing and right-wing protesters clashed earlier this year.

Keep Them Separated

Scott stated that the San Francisco police would be focusing on keeping the two opposing groups separated. While officers will focus on preventing violence, they will also be prepared to act quickly should things escalate between the two groups.

Last week in Boston, a small group of roughly 50 extreme-right protesters was met with over 40,000 counter-protesters, prompting police to end the gathering and escort the outnumbered extremists to safety.

Scott gave credit to Boston law enforcement for managing to prevent the situation from escalating into violence.

Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson claims he is against racist views and violence, despite the group’s events often attracting white nationalists, Neo-Nazis and KKK members.

Good Ol’ Boyz

A country hip-hop trio from Placerville called the Good Ol’ Boyz are scheduled to play at Saturday’s event, although they have stated that any radical elements, such as white supremacists, should stay home.

Good Ol’ Boyz is the only group scheduled to play on Saturday. They have asked not to be deemed a white supremacist group because of Saturday’s show. The group thought about turning down the show but ultimately decided to play to spread a message of love and hope. Their show will also have guest appearances by African-American rappers.



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