The Twisted Story of Sabrina Starr, Aaron Joshua Hampton And Luis Perez

Luis Perez murdered Sabrina Starr, Aaron Hampton and Steven Marler with a gun he received from Starr

  • Facebook posts from Starr suggest she was with Perez in the hours after he murdered her boyfriend Hampton

  • According to accomplice Aaron Anderson, Perez used a Glock 19 Starr stole from a car prior to the double homicide

  • Starr allegedly drove Perez and Anderson to the house where he murdered Hampton and Marler

  • Perez shot Starr six times at her house after the double homicide

Three murders in a matter of days appear to have all stemmed from a deranged girlfriend by the name of Sabrina Starr.

Police say Starr, 21, drove 21-year-old Luis Perez and 19-year-old Aaron D. Anderson¬†to a home on the 900 block of East Locust. Perez had recently been kicked out of the home by his two roommates 38-year-old Steven R. Marler and Starr’s boyfriend 23-year-old Aaron J. Hampton. Perez ended up murdering both Marler and Hampton and injuring two others with a 9-millimeter Glock 19 police say Starr had stolen from a vehicle while “car hopping” days prior to the shooting.

According to police, Starr traded the stolen gun to Perez for tattoos. On October 28, Starr uploaded four pictures with Perez showing a tattoo he had done on her neck. The tattoo was four words, “Kill or be Killed.” The caption with the pictures read, “Want A Good Tattoo Artist HMU And I’ll Give You His Info!Decent Prices.”

Anderson told police Perez used the gun Starr had given him. Starr allegedly stole the gun out of a 1997 Ford Explorer in the parking lot of a Springfield apartment complex on October 29. The owner of the Glock 19 reported the gun missing the morning of October 30.

After the shooting, Starr made a post to her Facebook about Hampton’s murder on November 1. In the post Starr acted as if she was a heartbroken girlfriend. She uploaded 18 pictures and wrote, “My Heart Is Broken Into Pieces,” and “I Wanted Us To Be Together.”

R.I.P Baby, I Can’t Believe You Are Gone ….My Heart Is Broken Into Pieces💔💔💔💔 I Love You So Much & I’m Gonna Miss You So Much , We Fought All The Time But I Was Always There For You No Matter What & I Was Always Loyal, You Are My Ridda, No Matter Who It Was I Was On Your Side , I Can’t Believe It….. You Are My Everything & Now Your Gone…. I Just Got A Call That You Didnt Make It & Now I’m Balling My Eyes Out, I Love You, I’ll Be At Your Funeral & I’ll Be Carryi g Your Casket……. I Can’t Believe This. I Wanted Us To Be Together ….. I Love Yo Ass & All The Memories We Had Will Stay With Me Forever. You Will Always Be In My Thoughts❤❤😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 This Don’t Seem Real………You Was My Right Hand Man, You Was A Savage, I’m So Numb To This, I Hope You Stick Around Me Forever , Rest In Peace Gangsta Baby☝☝☝

Over the next few hours Starr made a few more posts about Hampton. At 11:46 pm, Starr posted “I Miss Your Presence Babe …😓💔.” Just 40 minutes later, Starr posted “Tat Man On Deck At My House HMU !” Since just days prior Starr posted pictures with Perez after giving her a tattoo, one can only assume that was who she was referring to and she stayed with him in the hours after Hampton’s murder.

The day after the double homicide, Perez returned to Starr’s home on the 2100 block of North Oakland Avenue and shot her six times. Starr died as a result of the shooting. Police have not confirmed that Perez used the stolen Glock 19, but they also have not mentioned any other gun in court documents. It is unclear if police have the stolen gun in their possession.

On social media, a screenshot from a post on Facebook from someone named Courtney claims Starr set up the double homicide. The post goes on to claim that Perez was getting paranoid and that is why he killed Starr. Perez murdering Starr is allegedly why Anderson came forward to the police.


#TRUST #NO #ONE ….. ON NOVEMBER 1ST 2018, My fam, Josh Hampton % his friend Steve Marler we’re shot and killed in Josh’s house, in SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI & Josh’s own gf Sabrina Starr, the gun they we’re killed with & rode along with the killer (s), & was there as THEY BOTH WERE murdered…. His GIRLFRIEND/BFF, (SABRINA STARR) SET IT UP with Perez & his 2 homeboys to go to Josh’s house, & KILL HIM… she even listened to them beg for their lives as they die, then she goes back to her house & post on Facebook some RIP posts to Josh, followed with a post saying “TATT MAN is at my house, to HMU”, like, WOW BITCH, JOSH IS DEAD & YOU STILL KICK’N IT WITH HIS KILLERS AT YO HOUSE DOING TATTS LIKE WTF?! ?! SO IT WAS NO SURPRISE TO ME WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT ONLY 2 DAYS LATER, ON NOVEMBER #RD, ON FRIDAY, PEREZ ENDED UP KILLING SABRINA STARR TOO He got #PARANOID & IN HIS MIND, he started Tripp’n, & thinking that Sabrina & his other 2 homeboys that were with him that night he shot 4 ppl, killing 2 as #WITNESSES INSTEAD OF #ACCOMPLICES had decided to #ELIMINATE them, but as soon as his other two homeboys found out he shot & killed Sabrina, they turned their selves in & SNITCHED on PEREZ before he could shoot them TOO… SMH … THIS WORLD IS SOO FUCKED UP… BUT #KARMA IS #REAL RIP COUSIN I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

Perez is charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault, five counts of armed criminal action, and one count of tampering with physical evidence. Anderson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault, and one count of tampering with evidence. Both men are being held at Greene County Jail with no bond.



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