Ryan McMahon Goes Viral for Racist Online Rant

Alleged Google software developer Ryan McMahon faces the backlash of an online racial rant

  • Ryan took to Facebook claiming he likes black people but also refers to them as the N word

  • Ryan’s Facebook shows he is employed by Google as a software developer

  • Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem angers Ryan

Screenshots posted on Facebook today show a post by Ryan McMahon calling black people the “n-word.”

McMahon believes that football players that kneel in protest of police brutality and misconduct are ruining the game.

In the post McMahon goes on to say that the player are paid by Americans and white corporate dollars and that they need to stand and respect the flag and if they can not stand then they need to go back to Africa.

McMahon claims in the same post that he is not racist the last four women he has had sex with were black and that his sister, not his, best friend is half black.

I hate these pre-madonna niggers, they are ruining the game. Stand up and show some God damn respect for the flag, this country and our troops. You get paid by Americans and white corporate dollars. So if you can’t stand up for the National anthem then go back to Africa. You selfish self center niggers. Go protest on your own fucking time. Matter of fact go protest on black on black crime. And i’m far from being rasict, because the last four bitches i fucked the shit out of were black. Plus my sister’s best friend is half black.. Niggers kneeling that’s a flag down. And that’s my view on this whole NFL protest bullshit.

In another screenshot McMahon posts pictures of “Teacher Bae” and Audrina Bigos claiming that he loves black women but not black women with attitudes.

McMahon has since made his profile friends only and currently showing him as single.

It is unknown if he is still working at Google or if he was ever an employee and his profile is no longer showing his employment publicly.

At the time of writing this he has lost 7 friends from his friends list.



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