Rumors that Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home spread on the Web.

Channel 7 News reports Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home with drugs and guns.

  • Rumors claim that a coroner was seeing leaving Kaepernick’s house.

  • Kaepernick gained nationwide attention after refusing to stand during the National Anthem.

  • Kaepernick is the latest to fall victim to the “Celebrity Death Hoax” trend.

The Internet is great place for information, sometimes. Other times, it is a festering wound oozing misinformation into any mind that will believe it. The latest rumor to prove that, Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home.

The story is spreading from Channel 7 News, which claims that people witnessed a coroner leaving Kaepernick’s house. It goes on to say that foul play was not suspected, but drugs and guns were found at the scene.

The article goes on to bash Kaepernick for his recent gently for his recent protest against the National Anthem. Kaepernick recently received nationwide attention after refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

Channel 7 News appears to be an actual media site. It differs from other hoax sites by not going too overboard with their topics and mixing reality with the few stories the site hosts.

The first thing we checked out was their disclaimer, which appears not to work. So there is little to work with, regarding the sites legitimacy on the actual site.

However, a quick Whois check showed something interesting. Channel 7 Rumors that Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home spread on social mediaNews was created on August 30, 2016. It was either dumb luck or pure bullshit that scored Channel 7 News a breaking story of this relevance being only a few hours old.

A quick reverse image search on Google of the coroner supposedly leaving Kaepernick’s house shows the picture is actually from an LA Times article from 2011.  The article was titled, “Michelle Le case: Items found in area near decomposed remains.”

As of now, it appears that Colin Kaepernick is alive and well. Kaepernick’s death is just the latest in the bizarre trend of “Celebrity Hoax Deaths.”



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