Rigs & Roses Looks To Put A Smile On Cannabis Patients Faces In The Denver and Boulder Area

Rigs & Roses look to put a smile on cannabis patients faces in the Denver and Boulder area

  • Cannabis patient Richard Haines says he wants to have a business that brings smiles to people’s faces

  • Rigs & Roses will deliver roses in a rig you select to a loved one and also includes coupons for your local dispensaries

  • Haines says the company will begin delivering on June 9 in preparation for Father’s Day

A cannabis patient in Colorado is looking to bring something new to the area with his new business Rigs & Roses.

The idea behind it is quite simple. Rigs & Roses hand delivers cannabis rigs with roses placed inside to patients, loved ones, or anybody for that matter. Along with the bouquet of roses, the receiver will also get coupons to dispensaries in their area.

Helping Sick Patient’s Smile

TDH spoke to Richard Haines, the founder of Rigs & Roses, who says the idea behind the company is to “help sick patients smile,” but can also be used on “random days when you want to show someone you care.”

Haines got the idea after Glass On Demand sent Nichole West at Sweet Leaf Dispensary three roses in a rig. West sent Haines a picture of the delivery, and he immediately began picking her brain on how exactly she received roses in a rig.

As it turns out, Glass On Demand hand delivered the rig to her. After working through a business model, Haines realized it was a fresh market. Now, Rigs & Roses is just a little over a week away from their opening date on June 9 with Glass On Demand being the main manufacturer of the businesses glass.

Special Delivery

When TDH asked Haines if his business was more geared towards brightening a patient’s day or a new twist on a romantic gift he told us “both.” Haines went on to say that he would like to see his service used for “Father’s Day, 420, Mother’s Day, Secretarie’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and when patients just need a smile.”

If you go to the Rigs & Roses website, it shows you the simple steps to order your loved ones a gift they will always remember. First, you pick your rig. Second, you pick the quantity and color of roses. Third, you have the option to accessorize your loved ones rig with the option of a banger or a bowl. Last but not least, you send your gift with love. All orders will be delivered the same day.

The card attached is packed full of coupons for product to use with your new rig. “And yeah it is awesome. They get a rig, flowers and then all kinds of coupons to get product. It is an amazing surprise,” Haines said.

Limited Edition Pieces

Haines also plans on doing limited edition runs with boutique American glass blowers that will give customers the chance to get a rare rig for a limited time. This way Haines will not be offering his customers the same exact product time after time.

Rigs & Roses will begin making deliveries on June 9, in preparation for Father’s Day. Haines plans on opening Rigs & Roses in cities like LA, Sacramento, Portland, and San Francisco over the next six months.

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