Riff Trace Arrested For Kicking Black Toddler And Yelling Racial Slurs

31-year-old Riff Trace was arrested after he kicked a black toddler in the back in a Wichita, Kansas grocery store while yelling racial slurs

  • The toddler’s mother Lashantai Whitaker said Trace came up from behind and kicked her son in the back

  • Trace tried to run out of the store after the attack but was tackled by a customer and worker

  • Whitaker’s son did not suffer serious injuries

  • Trace was charged with “battery that was bias and racially motivated” and resisting arrest

In Wichita, Kansas, 31-year-old Riff Trace was arrested after he kicked a black 1-year-old in the back while yelling racial slurs in a Dillons grocery store on the morning of December 23.

Police say they received a call at 7:20 am in regards to an assault at the Dillons store located at 3020 E Douglas. Lashantai Whitaker and her children had just arrived at the store when Trace ran up from behind yelling racial slurs as he kicked the toddler in the back.

Whitaker told KWCH she heard a loud thud and then her daughter started screaming. The child was knocked to the floor, but luckily, he was not seriously injured. Trace could have seriously injured the child.

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Whitaker made a post on her Facebook following the attack. In Whitaker’s post, she thanked a customer and a worker that tackled Trace after he tried to flee from the store. She also thanked EMT’s and store workers for taking the situation seriously. Overall, Whitaker said she was still in a daze.

My son jhavii was kicked in his back by a white supremacist man this morning at dillons. I just wanna say thank you so much to the man and worker that tackled him to the ground before he could get away and to the other staff who also intervened to help hold him down until police came. Thanks to the emts who were very caring and made sure to do a full detail check on my baby, to the police who made sure to press every charge possible, and especially the dillons staff and manager for caring and doing everything possible to make sure we were ok. I’m still in a daze, because it could have went so many different ways, he could have had a weapon. It just reminds you of how scary it is to raise black children. Makes you want to keep your children sheltered and in a bubble.

Trace was arrested for “battery that was bias and racially motivated” and for resisting arrest. He has been released from jail and is currently awaiting court.



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