Richelle Washabaugh lied about not being involved in protests when shot with a beanbag.

Richelle Washabaugh says she was minding her own business when police shot her with a beanbag round.

  • A video of Washabaugh describing the attack went viral.

  • Washabaugh claimed she was not involved in the protests.

  • Video from FOX5 and a Facebook post show Washabaugh was lying about her involvement in protests.

A video has gone viral on Facebook of a woman with a swollen eye claiming she was shot by a beanbag round by police in El Cajon during the protests. However, it would appear that Richelle Washabaugh is not so innocent after all.

The video was uploaded yesterday to Jeff Pro’s Facebook account. The video shows Washabaugh describing how she ended up being an “innocent victim” to the militarized police response to protests in El Cajon.

Pictures show Washabaugh’s face after being shot.

richelle-washabaugh-lied-about-not-being-involved-in-protests-when-shot-with-a-beanbag-eyeWashabaugh claims that she and her friends were only standing in a 7-Eleven parking lot, “minding her own business” when police stormed on the parking lot and began firing tear gas, beanbag rounds, and paintballs.

Washabaugh was shot in the side of her face with a beanbag round, causing her eye to swell shut. If the story of Washabaugh innocently minding her business when she was shot by a beanbag round sounds like bullshit, that is because it is.

Washabaugh had no clue she was caught on camera protesting by FOX5.

Little did Washabaugh know that she was caught on camera on FOX5 with her fist in the air yelling in an officer’s face. The screenshot shows a group of protesters standing just a foot in front of the police line that had been formed to combat protesters.


Washabaugh’s unique shoulder tattoos make it very easy to see that she was very much involved in the protests, and not just “minding her business” as she claimed.

Along with the picture of Washabaugh going toe to toe with the police, a status made by her tells a different story.

Washabaugh even made a post on Facebook about her involvement in the protests.

She begins the post by saying, “Ma I’m famous.” Washabaugh then goes into detail about being on the frontline all day and storming the cops after the cops. She goes on to say that a guy had to pull her out of the front because he was worried she would get hurt. Washabaugh said she responded to the man by saying, “I’m ready to fight.”

richelle-washabaugh-lied-about-not-being-involved-in-protests-when-shot-with-a-beanbag-famousWashabaugh also admits to swarming police cars, and not letting them leave, while throwing bottles and officers and flipping them off. Not exactly the brightest idea for someone who is plastered all over the Web claiming to be an innocent victim.

Washabaugh seems to be enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, as she has done several interviews standing by her story of being an innocent victim. Unfortunately for Washabaugh, it is hard to pull a fast one on the Internet these days. Washabaugh has become another example to be careful what you post online when you are lying to a large number of people.



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