Richard Darren Emery Arrested Following A Brutal Murdering Spree

Richard Darren Emery was arrested and charged for murdering his girlfriend Kate Kasten, her two children Zoe J Kasten and Johnathan D Kasten and their grandmother Jane M Moeckel

  • Moeckel called police after barricading her and her grandchildren in a downstairs room

  • Gunshots could be heard in the background of the 911 call

  • When police arrived Moeckel and the children were dead and Kasten was fatally injured

  • During a seven-hour manhunt Emery stabbed another woman seven times while trying to carjack her

  • Emery was eventually arrested in a QuikTrip bathroom suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck

In St. Charles, Missouri, 46-year-old Richard Darren Emery has been arrested after murdering his 39-year-old girlfriend Kate Kasten, her two children 8-year-old Zoe J. Kasten, and 10–year-old Jonathan D. Kasten and their grandmother 61-year-old Jane M. Moeckel.

On Friday night, police received a chilling phone call from Moeckel with gunshots heard in the background. Moeckel had barricaded herself in a downstairs room with her grandchildren as Emery went on a reign of terror. Police arrived on the scene just before midnight, but they were too late.

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Moeckel and the grandchildren were dead when police arrived. Kasten was still alive but fatally wounded. She later died after arriving at the hospital. Prosecutor Tim Lohmar described it as a “gruesome, gruesome scene.”

Police believe Emery was Kasten’s boyfriend and lived at the house. Emery was not the father of the two children. Their father was Kasten’s husband Kory Kasten who died last year. Police say Emery does not have a criminal record and they have never been called out to the house for domestic issues. Emery’s Facebook shows the couple first taking a picture together on September 4, 2017.

As police arrived, they saw a car driving away from the house. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, but Emery opened fire on the officers. Police exchanged gunfire with Emery before he eventually struck a police car and fled on foot. Emery would lead police on a seven-hour manhunt and a stabbing before he was caught.

Emery tried to carjack a woman on a residential road. He stabbed the woman seven times. The woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition but officials said she was going to be okay. Emery was eventually arrested in the QuikTrip bathroom on First Capitol Drive. He was said to be taking shelter from the cold and suffering from a gunshot wound to his neck.

Once in custody, Emery refused to give a statement. At this time a motive for the gruesome shooting is still unknown. The family had lived in the house for almost a year. Emery was charged with 15 crimes, including murder in the first degree, armed criminal action, assault in the first degree and attempted robbery in the first degree.



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