Rhonda Polon Named As Woman Who Threw Coffee In Racist Rant

Rhonda Michelle Polon and Adam J Coulter were identified in a viral video where a Latino worker had a cup of coffee thrown in his face

  • The two were given the names #CoffeeCathy and BathrobeBilly by social media users

  • Polon claimed in an interview she threw the coffee out of self-defense

  • Coulter has reportedly deleted all his social media and went into hiding

A viral video shows a Latino worker get a cup of coffee thrown in his face at a condominium complex in Century City by a resident who has been identified as Rhonda Michelle Polon. A man identified as Adam J Coulter then comes outside and accuses the workers of stealing his bike and calls one worker a “wetback.”

The incident occurred on August 4 but began going viral on August 8, after Viva Bernie 2020 shared the video on to their Facebook page. Miguel Sanchez originally recorded the video. Sanchez arrived with one other worker to do some repairs after being requested by one of the owners.

When the two workers arrived on the property, they were confronted by Polon, who was questioning their reason for being there. Sanchez told KTLA in an interview that “She was calling us wetbacks, and that we were probably there to steal stuff. After all those racial comments on us, I got my phone out and started recording.”

Sanchez claims that Polon was confrontational even after he showed her the garage opener and keys he received from the owner. Polon claims she was checking why they were there due to a string of robberies that had occurred in the area.

I’m not a racist. None of those things have ever come out of my mouth. I may have a temper at some points, but I am not a racist person.

The situation escalated to the point that Polon deemed it necessary to throw her coffee in Sanchez’s face. At that point, Sanchez decided to call the police. Polon claims she threw the coffee in Sanchez’s face out of self-defense. Had Sanchez pushed it further, Polon would have been charged with misdemeanor battery, but he did not want to damage his relationship with the company he was contracting through.

Polon was quickly deemed #CoffeeCathy by social media users but it did not take long for her identity to be discovered. Since her viral attention, she claims she has received numerous threats online. It was also discovered that Polon is the owner of Spin Gal Fitness. While Polon stands by the claim that she acted in self-defense, the video tells a different story.

Along with Polon, a second resident came out and began threatening and screaming at the two workers. The man was initially deemed #BathrobeBilly until he was later identified as Coulter of LAX Compassionate Care. Since the viral attention, Coulter is said to have deleted all of his social media and went into hiding.

On August 12, those angered by the racially charged actions of the two decided to throw a mariachi party in front of the condominium. Video from the event can be seen below. A second event is planned for August 18 outside of the condominium.



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