Puppy Returned After Security Footage Goes Viral Of A Woman Stealing A Puppy

A puppy was returned to her owners after security footage went viral showing a woman stealing the puppy from the owner’s front yard

  • The viral video showed the woman enter the yard and distract the bigger dog

  • Once she was close enough the woman bent down and grabbed Daisy then ran down the street

  • In under 24 hours it was announced that Daisy was returned to her owners

A viral video shows a woman in Wichita, Kansas stealing a small dog from a front yard then running down the sidewalk. The video has been shared over 1,600 times since it was posted just 20 hours ago.

In the video, a woman with red hair is seen entering the yard through the wooden gate. She then appears to possibly be distracting the bigger dog in the yard while trying to steal the puppy named Daisy.

The woman slowly slides closer towards Daisy while continuing to distract the larger dog. Once she is close enough to Daisy, the woman bends over and snatches the dog up.

After grabbing the dog, the woman exits the yard. In the second video, the woman is seen running down the sidewalk away from the yard.

Tavo Y Yadi Ortiz

The video was posted to Tavo Y Yadi Ortiz’s Facebook page, with the caption, “What ppl do just to get a puppy could of asked but no she had to steal it.” Ortiz later announced the puppy Daisy was returned in a pet group on Facebook.

Thank-you to the person that brought our puppy Daisy back home safe thanks to everyone that help us we couldn’t had found her with all of your guys help we are so happy to have her back home with her mommy n 6 brother’s.

Chasidy Villapando-Rogers

The original post began to receive attention for another reason. After a local woman was accused of being the culprit, her friend decided to come to her rescue.

Chasidy Villapando-Rogers began making video comments that made little to no sense while spouting out racially charged comments, smoking blunts, sharing her forensic knowledge, and showing a clear lack of understanding of how security recordings work. Villapando-Rogers goes as far as accusing the dog’s owners of being illegal immigrants, which she claims is the real crime.



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