#Repealthe19th surfaces on Twitter to take women’s right to vote.

Repeal the 19th hashtag is trending on Twitter.

  • Two models were created showing what the country would look like if just men voted and just women.

  • The hashtag is now top trending.

  • The 19th amendment gave women their right to vote in 1920.

The world of misogynism just went down a dark rabbit hole on Twitter after a #Repealthe19th hashtag surfaced and began trending. The hashtag means to go against the 19th amendment, which in 1920 gave U.S. women the right to vote.

The hashtag started after 538 Politics published two models showing what would happen if only women voted, and another showing what would happen if only men voted.

Statistician Nate Silver conducted a demographic breakdown of recent national polls. Silver was able to show that if only women voted Clinton would have 458 of the electoral votes, compared to Trumps 80.

However, if it were only men voting Trump would have 350 electoral votes, while Clinton would receive 188.

Twitter user @gibsmedatdindu, who’s name is Repeal the 19th, is taking claim for starting the now trending hashtag. In a recent tweet, the account claims to have come home from work to see his hashtag trending.

Repeal the 19th on Twitter has become a mix of bashing and praising women. While some are using the tag to attack women, others have decided to post strong women throughout time, and other compliments.

There is no telling how long the Twitter battle of Repeal the 19th could go on. It could last an hour, or may even drag on for weeks. In reality, this trend will last as long as angry feminists continue engaging the trolling attacks hurled from entertained misogynists. You gotta love the Internet.



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