Relentless Ink’s Perfect Response To Tattoo Shop Telling Customer To Cut Herself

Dennis Allen from Relentless Ink Tattoos gives a perfect response to Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings telling a customer to go cut herself

  • Raul Tanguma from Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings caught backlash due to very offensive behavior on social media

  • Allen posted a perfect response on his personal Facebook account on behalf of his shop Relentless Ink which is also located in Wichita, Kansas

  • In his response, Allen states that “getting a tattoo should be an amazing experience”

On Sunday, The Daily Haze released an article showing the disturbing comments from Raul Tanguma, the owner of Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings located, to a customer looking to get a cover up tattoo over scars she had from self-cutting injuries.

Instead of being honored and happy to be a part of helping this young lady find a means of moving forward, Tanguma saw the opportunity to tear her down further. Tanguma asked her “why cuts and not a gun?” and then continued by telling her if she would have cut deeper “she wouldn’t have to have them covered.”

Tanguma then went on baffling and disturbing social media rants where he told at least one other woman to cut herself and admitted to what he had said to the original customer. Other screenshots and testimonies show that Tanguma has a history of this behavior.

Relentless Ink

Dennis Allen from Relentless Ink Tattoo responded to the disturbing behavior from his personal Facebook account and what he said was perfect.

Alright I have been hit up by multiple friends and clients regarding the lack of empathy or compassion for a client by a owner of another local tattoo shop here in Wichita. Here are my thoughts regarding the situation. As a local business owner and a licensed professional tattoo artist I know that I personally have a huge outreach in out community. I also know that without the support and love from all of you I wouldn’t be where I am today. With that being said I take what I do very seriously. In my eyes what I do is a very personal and intimate thing for each and every one of you. For that reason alone I set my shop aside from all the others in town. Getting a tattoo should be a amazing experience. You should feel welcomed when you walk in. I also think that the person tattooing you should personally take the time to sit down and discuss your tattoo with you. You want to feel comfortable and confident with your artist as If you are both on the same page. If you don’t get that vibe then you should probably turn around and walk out the door. More times than most, tattoos are therapeutic. It’s a way to release negative energy and get past a certain time frame in your life. For others maybe not. For some it’s just for the art itself. Either way sometimes all anyone needs is a sympathetic ear, someone to listen to them. If I can help someone going through a hard time or help them to get past a dark point in there life by tattooing them I feel like that’s my job. 9 times out of 10 the people that come into my shop end up becoming friends more so than clients anyhow. Especially considering the amount of time I spend on some of them. So with that being said do I feel like this person was in the wrong? Yes he was. Its not our job to judge belittle or put down anyone for who they are or what they have done. If anything it should be to lift them up and encourage them. The sun will rise tomorrow and that is always another chance to become better than you were the day before. Have a great day my friends and remember if you would like to schedule a consultation or get on my books, please call 316-212-2783. I work by appointment only. Hope each and everyone of you all have a great week. (Feel free to share if you like)

Mr. Allen
Relentless Ink
1126 E Central
Wichita Ks.

Hopefully, Tanguma sees Allen’s words and understands what it means to be a tattoo artist, should he continue to remain in the industry. It would not be surprising to see Tanguma close his doors after the large backlash following his offensive behavior towards customers on social media.



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