Reports Claim Refugees Approved 19 Buses To The US Border

On Thursday evening word spread that the United Nations approved 19 buses to take the refugee caravans to the United States on Friday

  • The announcement was made as the refugees took shelter in a sports complex in Mexico City

  • Of the 4,841 registered migrants 1,726 are reported to be under 18 and 310 under five

  • Organizers told U.N. representatives that ignoring the caravan was a humanitarian crisis

  • Oaxaca ombudsman Arturo Peimbert claimed around a hundred refugees were recently kidnapped by the Los Zetas cartel

  • Currently 5,600 American troops have been deployed to the border with that number expected to reach at least 7,600

After a long meeting with United Nations Representatives in Mexico City, reports claim a refugee caravan of about 5,000 has been approved for a request for 19 buses to take them to the U.S. border on Friday.

Those in the caravan made the argument that it is getting too cold and dangerous to continue to the US border on foot. The highways they would follow to the border are known areas where cartels frequently operate. Organizers of the caravan pleaded to the U.N. that it was a humanitarian crisis at this point to continue ignoring the needs of the caravan and force them to walk.

About 200 migrants walked three hours to the U.N. offices in Mexico City. The offices were closed, but U.N. representatives agreed to meet roughly a dozen migrants at a nearby location. While the smaller group spoke to the U.N., the larger group remained at a sports complex in south Mexico City.

On Thursday evening, a News2Share correspondent with the caravan did a Facebook LIVE video with the description reading, “Live: The migrant caravan leaders arrive to the sports center to announce the approval of 19 buses to the U.S. boarder tomorrow.”

It was reported that of the 4,841 registered migrants staying in the sports complex 1,726 are under the age of 18. Out of that number, 310 are under the age of five. Around 85% of the caravan are from Honduras, while the other 15% come from Central American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Mexico City sits 600 miles from the closest American border located in McAllen, Texas. Those in the caravan have stated that while the Texas border may be the closest, they would prefer to go to the California border of Tijuana just across from San Diego.

Mexico has offered the caravan refuge and 2,697 temporary visas have been issued at this point to individuals and families wishing to stay. The temporary visas will provide migrants with 45 days of coverage while they wait to receive a more permanent status.

Honduran Caravan Refugee Henry Adalid Díaz Reyes Killed At Border

According to Arturo Peimbert, ombudsman for the human rights commission in Oaxaca, around 100 refugees — including children — were kidnapped by transporters and handed over to a cartel while traveling from Veracruz to Mexico City. The kidnapping is said to have happened near the base of the Federal Police in the State of Puebla. Peimbert said the Los Zetas cartel is believed to be behind the kidnappings.

The Los Zetas have a known presence in the area. Peimbert was told people in the towns have been informing the Los Zetas of the caravan’s movements. The Los Zetas have been in an extremely violent and bloody territory war in the area with the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel.

Both cartels are battling for control over drugs sales, fuel theft, extortion and human trafficking in the area. There is millions of dollars in the industry of kidnapping migrants trying to get to America. The large kidnapping Peimbert speaks of has yet to be officially confirmed.

This announcement regarding the buses comes shortly after President Donald Trump announced up to 15,000 active troops would be deployed to the border just before the midterm elections. According to the Military Times, currently 5,600 troops are deployed and soon the total number will be 7,000.

So far, 2,800 troops are deployed in Texas, 1,300 in California — including 1,100 Marines from Camp Pendleton — and 1,500 are deployed in Arizona.

The mission was originally being referred to as “Operation Faithful Patriot,” but the DoD confirmed Wednesday they are no longer using that name.




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