Areas Of Redding Face Mandatory Evacuation As Carr Fire Approaches

Areas of Redding California are facing mandatory evacuations as the Carr Fire continues to spread and grow in size

  • On Thursday the fire jumped the Sacramento River and headed into the 92,000 population city of Redding

  • A private bulldozer operator died on Thursday in an active section of the fire

  • The Carr Fire started on Monday as is said to only be 6% contained

A fire is tearing through northern California has jumped the Sacremento River causing destruction and mandatory evacuations for areas of Redding, California in an attempt to stay in front of the fire.

The Carr Fire has already left destruction in Shasta and Whiskeytown before heading toward the 92,000 population city of Redding. Emergency workers stopped structure and containment efforts, instead focusing on safely evacuating north Redding. At 9:00 pm fire personnel requested Redding Electric Utility cut the power to the area.

It is reported the Carr Fire started on Monday from a vehicle malfunction but significantly grew on Thursday night. The fire is now said to be 45-square miles. At this time the Carr Fire is believed to be 6% contained according to Cal Fire.

Early Friday morning the Redding Police Department tweeted out the latest mandatory evacuations for areas west of Redding. The areas mentioned include neighborhoods along Quartz Hill Road, Lake Blvd, areas W of N Market St between Caterpillar and Lake Blvd, neighborhoods W of Market Rd between the Sacramento River and Lake Blvd, including Benton Drive, Lake Redding Drive, Quartz Hill Road, north side of Eureka Way (Hwy 299) west of Overhill Drive. All neighborhoods west of Buenaventura Blvd between Eureka Way and Hwy 273; including Lake Mary, Cumberland, and Country Heights neighborhoods.

On Thursday, an unnamed private bulldozer operator was killed while working on an active section of the fire. At least several firefighters and civilians were also injured due to the fire.

Officials said there was little that could be done on Thursday as the fire rolled into Redding. The Carr Fire has been feeding off triple-digit temperatures and high winds. The fire is reported to be moving extremely fast with no regard of what is in its path.

Police suggest those in evacuation areas be prepared to leave at any moment. Emergency workers will be alerting residents when it is time to evacuate both in person and via social media.



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