Red Fawn Fallis’ attempted murder charges dropped after the announcement of a federal case

Red Fawn Fallis faces a federal charge of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon

  • Fallis was arrested in Standing Rock on October 27

  • Morton County Sheriff’s Department claim Fallis fired three shots while being arrested, a claim her loved ones deny

  • In court Monday, Fallis’ attempted murder charges were dropped due to the federal case

  • Fallis was not given a bond until first proceedings move forward

On Monday morning the decision was made to charge Red Fawn Fallis with a felony in federal court. Fallis was initially facing attempted murder charges after law enforcement in Standing Rock arrested the environmental activist on claims that she had fired a gun at officers three times.

Attempted murder charges dropped

Fallis’ state level attempted murder charges were dismissed and now she is charged in the U.S. District Court for the District of North Dakota with possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

Magistrate Judge Charles Miller Jr. informed Fallis that a Grand Jury has not yet reviewed her charges to issue a federal indictment. Fallis is receiving representation from Chris Bellmore of the Federal Public Defender’s Office after requesting court-appointed counsel.

Fallis was informed of her county court date last week but was not informed of federal court date until this morning.  The short notice may have been a preemptive tactic to stop any demonstrations from happening at the courthouse.

Fallis’ supporters were deceived

Despite the short notice, and bad weather, roughly twenty supporters of Fallis still arrived at the courthouse. TDH was informed that her supporters were told that the case had been dismissed without any mention of the federal case.

The attempted murder charges were dismissed due to the federal case, but Fallis was not given a bond and now must remain in jail until further proceedings.

October 27

According to a report from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, Fallis was spotted as an “instigator,” and said to be “acting disorderly.” When trying to walk away from the line where water protectors and police were clashing on October 27. Fallis was spotted by two Pennington County Sheriff deputies, Rusty Schmidt and Thadius ‘Thad’ Schmit.

Deputy Schmit took Fallis to the ground, then Deputy Schmidt and another unnamed officer got on top of Fallis and attempted to handcuff her. According to the report, Fallis was struggling, causing the officers problems with handcuffing her.

Deputies claim that as Fallis was face down on the ground, with three officers on top of her, she managed to retrieve a handgun after Schmit let go of her left arm. Fallis was allegedly able to fire the gun three times, without wounding herself, or any officers.

The charges against Fallis have been strongly disputed by friends and family, as they claim she was not armed. Morton County Sheriff’s Department changed their accounts of what happened several times since Fallis’ arrest.

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