The Real Ron Estes Claims Rep Ron Estes’ Title Is Unlawful

The Real Ron Estes claims in a complaint that Rep Ron Estes’ title is unlawful following a filed objection

  • On Thursday Ron M. Estes filed to run against Ron Estes

  • A complaint was filed against Rep Estes on Monday by Democratic candidate Laura Lombard

  • The Kansas State Objections Board will meet on Monday, June 11th at 1:30 pm

On Thursday, U.S. Representative Ron Estes was shocked when he saw that another Ron M. Estes was running against him in the Republican primaries.

The second Estes campaign has a Twitter account and a website identifying the candidate as the “Real Ron Estes,” while the other Estes campaign has now begun identifying as “Rep Ron Estes,” which is where the problem exists.

On Monday, Democratic candidate for 4th District congressional Laura Lombard filed a complaint against Rep Estes with the Kansas State Objections Board. According to CJ Online, Lombard states that using “Rep” is a “violation of state law, which prohibits candidates from using titles, degrees or other designations of accomplishment.”

In a clear response to Lombard’s complaint, the Real Estes warned of the “DC Democrat falsely claiming to help our campaign for publicity.” 

On Tuesday, Real Estes tweeted a complaint that was emailed to Bryan Caskey.

I have been disappointed with the decision by the Kansas Secretary of State Office in trying to add an unlawful title to my opponent’s name on the Primary Ballot, in their view, to provide unique distinction between candidates. Unfortunately the use of “Rep.” preceding a name would infer “representative” which is just as bad as indicating the “incumbent” on the ballot. That is unfair and biased.

To rectify the situation on the ballot, I am providing you some options regarding how to list candidate names on the ballot, in order of preference:

  1. Incumbent Ron Estes should be listed as “Ron G. Estes” This is by far the fairest solution, as I have provided my middle initial M. for this purpose, to avoid unfairness and confusion.

  2. Incumbent Ron Estes should be listed as “Ron Estes, Jr.” “Rep.” is not a legal prefix or suffix, it’s a title of honor. “Jr.” is an appropriate suffix for the Incumbent Ron Estes.

  3. Real Ron Estes should be listed as “Real Ron Estes” If you insist on gaming the system for Incumbent Estes, at least play fair. I am the Real Ron Estes.

According to a tweet from the Kansas State Objections Board, there will be a meeting on Monday, June 11th at 1:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall to hear the objections in relation to Rep Estes and two other candidates.

Objections have also been filed against both Michael Capps and Vermin Supreme over their current residency. Supreme filed to run against Derek Schmidt in the Republican primaries for Kansas Attorney General on Friday. On Monday, Jim Joyce filed an objection against Supreme claiming residency at the Liberty House in Topeka, Kansas.

Democratic candidate for District 85 Monica Marks claims her opponent Capps is using a foreclosed and empty house as his residence in Wichita. If Marks is successful with her residency challenge, Capps will be removed from the ballot, making her the only major party on the ballot for the district that sits on the Sedgwick-Butler County line. The district is made of parts of northeast Wichita, Bel Aire, Kechi, and Benton.



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