Nationwide Legal Team Steps In To Help Raymond And Amelia Schwab With Their Fight Against The Kansas DCF

Nationwide legal team steps in to help Raymond and Amelia Schwab with their fight against the Kansas DCF

  • The Schwabs had five children removed from them by the Kansas DCF over two years ago

  • A team of lawyers from around the country have assembled to assist the Schwab’s in their legal battle

  • A press conference is scheduled for Monday in Denver with the legal team

For over two years Raymond and Amelia Schwab have been battling the Kansas Department for Children and Families for custody of their five children who were removed for the use medical cannabis along with a plethora of false accusations. For the first time in their long fight, it looks like there may be hope.

Attorneys Michael Minardi of Tampa, Florida, Connie Reguli of Tennessee, Casey Yingling of Wichita, Kansas, Alison Margolin of Los Angeles, California and the law firm of McGrath, Pappas & Pinchiff of Orange County, California have announced that they are coming together to help the Schwabs fight the State of Kansas.

A Legal Dream Team

Jennifer Winn, an activist, and former Kansas gubernatorial candidate who has acted as a support system throughout the entire fight helped acquire the team of lawyers for the Schwabs. “This is really a ‘dream team’ of excellent attorneys that are coming in on a pro bono basis to help this family,” Winn said in regards to the Schwab’s new legal team.

TDH spoke to Raymond, who stated, “Our family is grateful for the Lord moving these civil rights warriors to take our case. It has been a hard two years, our family’s rights have been stomped to the ground. We have been lied about, defamed In the press, falsely accused of neglect, and our children have been harmed in state custody. Justice rolls slowly, but we believe Kansas is about to be exposed for their state sponsored child trafficking, and fiat drug war being waged against Colorado through our children. It’s time for our kids to come home.”

Kristoffer Lewandowski

The same legal team recently saved Veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski from a lengthy prison sentence in Oklahoma. Lewandowski was caught with six cannabis plants. In an interview with TDH, Lewandowski stated that he had used cannabis to treat his PTSD and to replace the high amount of pharmaceuticals he was prescribed.

Colorado-based activist Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran has volunteered to allow the legal team to use her office in Denver. Bourlon-Hilterbran advocates for the use of medicinal cannabis for children.

While in Denver the legal team has announced they will be meeting with community and industry leaders regarding what is tantamount to the unlicensed practice of medicine by city and state officials who enact laws that are harmful to medical cannabis patients.

“With a team of lawyers from around the country, we can effectuate change for people through cases where gross government misconduct has led to mass incarceration and has caused severe harm to families and children,” Pappas stated in a press release on Saturday.

Leaked CASA Phone Call

The announcement of the legal team comes just weeks after Pappas released a conversation between the Schwabs and their CASA worker. In the recording, the worker acknowledges the false accusations against the Schwab family and KVC’s refusal to cooperate with the family.

Motion To Prohibit Further Violation Of Court Rules

Along with the leaked phone call, TDH also obtained a motion to prohibit further violation of court rules. The motion appears to be a feeble attempt to stop the Schwabs from bringing any more attention to their case. In the documents, advocate AlmaAnn Klaassen-Jones is named for taking a picture of St Francis worker Laura Price.

Motion to Prohibit Further Violations of Court Rules 5-31-2017 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Klaassen-Jones posted the picture on her Facebook page, at which point it was shared to the Schwab’s account. The motion claims that the Schwab’s “Facebook followers have made some inappropriate, harassing, and offensive comments on the parent’s Facebook page.”

The motion addresses a protest scheduled to occur during the June 20, permanency hearing. In it is requested that the court “provide security to the parties and agency workers to prevent this harassment, and grant other relief that is fair just and equitable.”

It is mentioned that Raymond announced he would be doing a hunger strike in Washington DC after their next permanency hearing if the Kansas DCF did not return the Schwab children. This will not be the first time Raymond has gone on a hunger strike during his battle against DCF.


The Schwab case received national attention after Raymond and Amelia lived on the steps of the Kansas State Capital building for thirty days in protest against DCF’s wrongdoings. In that period Raymond went on a 21-day hunger strike. Raymond is expecting his next hunger strike to go longer, should it come to that point.

A press conference with the newly acquired legal team is scheduled for Monday, June 12, at 2:00 p.m. at 111 Broadway, Suite 407, Denver, Colorado.



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