Rape Day Game Where You Play As A Serial Killer Rapist During A Zombie Apocalypse Awaits Approval On Steam

Update: Rape Day has been pulled from Steam after facing backlash over the possible release of the game. You can read more here.

  • A page for the game has been on Steam since February 9
  • The unknown creator of Rape Day said in an update they removed the “Baby Killing Scene” to meet Steam guidelines
  • Due tot he content of the game the review process is taking longer than normal

A game called “Rape Day” set to be released on Steam is currently waiting for approval due to “sexual content and content that may be illegal in some countries.” Creators of the game say it is ready for launch, but in a recent update the creators say the review process is “taking longer than expected.”

The story behind the game is that you play as a “menacing serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse.” In the game you are given the option to “verbally harass, kill, and rape women” as the story goes on. The game has been listed on a Steam account but can only be viewed if you have your settings to allow adults only content. The page has a game trailer and 25 different pictures from the game, most of which are extremely graphic. The story behind the game on the Steam page reads as follows.

Control the choices of a menacing serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse. Verbally harass, kill, and rape women as you choose to progress the story.

It’s a dangerous world with no laws. The zombies enjoy eating the flesh off warm humans and brutally raping them but you are the most dangerous rapist in town.

Rape Day is a choice driven visual novel. It does not include grinding or any other time wasting activities. So skip the foreplay and enjoy your Rape Day; you deserve it.

In an update on the game’s progress on February 23, the unknown creator of the game announced the “Baby Killing Scene” had been removed from the game. Apparently, the game initially had a zombie holding a baby. In the first draft, the creator said he was going to have the zombie “punt” the baby out of frame. The creator later decided he would have the zombie run the baby off-screen to drown it and “mash it up into pulp.”

The creator explains he decided to remove the scene after getting feedback from users on forums. The update refers to a YouTube video on the game which points out the scene could be classified as child exploitation. The creator also says it is illegal to render a minor in anything that also includes sexual content. In another update on February 27, the creator says the scene probably does not fall under the vague term of “child exploitation” but could open the door for a “banning campaign.”

A steam user posted a pretty good you-tube video about this game to the discussion forums here. He makes some good points. Among other things the you-tuber expressed concern about the baby killing scene, as possible being classified as “child exploitation”.

Since no one has played the game yet, I thought I’d give a little description of the scene and my thought process here, for that specific scene. The scene is relatively minor to the story and optional depending on your choices.

Originally I had the zombie character holding a baby, because I thought it would be interesting, and I’ve seen this in other zombie stories. However, this presented a bit of a problem, because it is illegal to render a underage character in the presence of anything with sex or that is sexual. For this reason, the baby had to be removed before anything sexual could happen. 

Realistically, it’s not exactly just going to crawl away… so in the first draft of the story I was going to have the main character punt it out of the scene, but I’m not really sure how far you can kick a baby, so I settled on him running really far away and then drowning it and then coming back. To be extra safe I have him mash it up into pulp so it’s not really even a baby anymore. This however is not shown only described. I don’t particularly like blood, gore, bruising, scratches, etc. so none of this is shown in the game.

But anyways, I now realize my game highly offends some people so if it doesn’t get approved for that reason I’ll make it available from my website, and then still kick off the normal marketing plan that I had for the game, which I haven’t started yet.

UPDATE 2/27/2019:

After consulting with the forums… some forums… somewhere… I’ve decided it’s necessary to remove this scene. 

While it doesn’t actually qualify as “child exploitation”, the vagueness in this term is enough for a banning campaign to be waged against my game for just this scene alone.

I do apologize to any one who wanted to see this scene. I’ll do my best not to water this game down too much, and not make it like every other boring dreary monotonous slow moving visual novel.

In a March 4 update the creator said he had reached out to Steam in regards to the review process. Steam apparently stated the review process would take much longer than expected due to the content of the game. Steam was not able to give an exact time frame for the review process.

Rape Day is complete. It is currently under review by Steam before release.

I reached out to Steam because the review process was taking longer than expected.

I learned that because the game contains sexual content and content that may be illegal in some countries, the review process will take much longer than expected. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a more specific time estimate for you guys.

Thank you all for your patience.

Valve — the company behind Steam — has long debated on video game censorship. Last year the company released an “anything goes” policy, as long as it is not illegal or considered “trolling.” A day after making the announcement, Valve removed AIDS Simulator, ISIS Simulator, Suicide Simulator, Asset Flip Simulator, and Triggering Simulator from their platform.

The term trolling is extremely vague at best and there appear to be no clear guidelines of what is considered trolling. With’s Steam’s unclear definition of trolling, it is surprisingly not known if Rape Day will be removed for breaching that policy. Since the creator did remove the baby killing scene to avoid child exploitation, it appears the creator is attempting to work within the platform’s loose guidelines. Exploiting a child is one of seven rules that can get a game removed from Steam.

  1. Adult content that isn’t appropriately labeled and age-gated
  2. Libelous or defamatory statements
  3. Content you don’t own or have adequate rights to
  4. Content that violates the laws of any jurisdiction in which it will be available
  5. Content that exploits children in any way
  6. Applications that modify customer’s computers in unexpected or harmful ways, such as malware or viruses
  7. Applications that fraudulently attempts to gather sensitive information, such as Steam credentials or financial data (e.g. credit card information)



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