Racist Tiffany Cormier Caught On Camera In Manassas, Virginia Sprint Store

Tiffany Cormier was caught on camera at a Sprint store in Manassas, Virginia calling a Hispanic man who offered advice a “spic” along with other racial slurs

  • The video was shared by Shaun King and quickly went viral

  • Cormier is married to Edgar Funes who is of Hispanic descent

  • Cormier has deleted her social media since the video went viral

There is no way to count the number of times we have seen someone acting belligerently racist in public only to have it caught on camera and uploaded to social media where it quickly goes viral. Tiffany Cormier is now learning the hard way the repercussions of being a viral video racist.

Tiffany Cormier

In the video, Cormier is on her phone inside a Sprint store in Manassas, Virginia. Cormier is trying to find a store in Manassas when a Hispanic man politely suggests Fairfax. Apparently, Cormier did not appreciate the suggestion, because what follows is a shit show of pure hateful ignorance. The transcript of the video can be read below.

Cormier – “I’m in Manassas. In the ghetto. You have probably five stores in Manassas, and none of them wanted to do anything. I’ve already been to two of them.”

Hispanic Man – “They got one in Fairfax.”

Cormier – “I wasn’t talking to you, and don’t listen to my conversation. Well, you better watch who the fuck you are talking to, cause I’m not the one. “

Hispanic Man – “My name is Juan.”

Cormier – “I don’t give a fuck what your name is.”

Hispanic Man – “Alright.”

Cormier then decides that she is going to use her husband as a means of threatening the man who was only guilty of offering some advice.

Cormier – “You see my husband standing there, right?”

Hispanic Man – “Yeah, I see him.”

Cormier – “Keep talking shit and watch and see if you’re going to meet that.”

Hispanic Man – “I’m right here.”

Cormier – “Yeah. He ain’t worried about you either. And I ain’t got no nails on, I’ll fucking fight today cause I ain’t got shit to break. What? I ain’t scared of no fucking spic! This is my fucking country.”

Hispanic Man – “Take it easy, “ as he leaves the store.

Cormier – “They need to take his fucking ass back to Mexico.” Cormier then turns to her husband and asks, “You wanna go outside and fight him? That might be your chance so you can really get some blood out of that guy. Fat talker.”

The clip then ends with Cormier saying, “So disrespectful speaking another language in my country.”

Viral Video

Cormier has now become Internet famous. Shaun King shared the video on his Facebook page, which has now been viewed over two million times. The more we learn about Cormier, the more interesting the plot becomes.

Edgar Funes

Perhaps the biggest plot twist is that Cormier is married to Edgar Funes, who is of Hispanic descent. Since the video went viral, Funes has sent threats to the man in the videos sister, Roxiie Xtina on social media.

Roxiie states in a thread that Funes is her cousin, along with Cormier’s Hispanic children. So as it turns out, the woman that thinks this is her country and that it is disrespectful to speak another language here is married to a Hispanic man and has Hispanic children, but her hypocrisy does not stop there.

Before Funes she had children with another man of Latino descent. Cormier married and had children with a Chilean man named Mauricio Benavidez.

It was said that Cormier worked at American Airlines as a manager in the payroll department from sources who claim to know her. However, a woman named Amanda Lyn, who claims to be Cormier’s cousin, chimed in and let people know where she worked.

Lesson Learned

Cormier has deleted her Instagram account, which was “Parisian_Diva.” SCormier did not delete her YouTube channel though, which appears that she had dreams of being a model one day. In a way her racially charged rant did help her to get her face recognized around the world.



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