Self-Admitted Racist And Pedophile Nathan Larson Is Running For Congress

Nathan Larson a self-admitted racist and pedophile is running for Congress in Charlottesville Virginia

  • Larson is running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District

  • Online and in his manifesto Larson admits to be a racist and a pedophile

  • Larson did 14 months in federal prison for threatening to kill the president

Self-acclaimed white supremacist, rape enthusiast, pedophile, and incest advocate Nathan Larson is running for Congress from his parent’s house in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In a disturbing phone call with the HuffPost on Thursday, Larson admitted to running the sites and, both of which are no longer online. The sites acted as chatrooms for like-minded pedophiles and violence-prone individuals until his web host deleted the sites on Tuesday.

Larson went on to admitting to pedophilic writings and behavior, He also stated there was a “grain of truth” to his essay on father-daughter incest and raping his ex-wife. In response to raping his ex-wife, Larson claimed, “plenty of women have rape fantasies.”

Later in the phone call, Larson also admitted to commenting on his two websites under the names Leucosticte and Lysander. On—a forum for “suicidal pedophiles”—Larson he would write posts encouraging pedophile behavior.

Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys? That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.

On the incel pedophile site,, Larson would make comments under the name Leucosticte. Larson identified as a “hebephilic rapist,” because he would rape his ex-wife. An incel is one who inadequately or never has sex despite wishing to. Hebephilia is an attraction to pubescent teens, generally between the age of 11-14.

On Larson’s other site,—which has also been removed—the Way Back Machine shows material titled, “Essay:Should women be treated like animals?,” “Objection to the argument that the Respondent Father’s pedophilic desires place the welfare of the subject Child at risk” and states he almost feels “more sorry for victimless sex offenders than for rape victims.”

In some ways, I feel more sorry for victimless sex offenders than for rape victims, because the former have the weight of society’s opinion against them, while the latter have society’s sympathy. The victim of rape or molestation is at least physically and legally free to do as he wishes; the same can’t be said for the prisoner or supervised releasee. If someone were to tell me, “You have two choices: you can push this red button to legalize all victimless sex offenses and free from prison all the people there for child porn, statutory rape, etc; or you can push this blue button and end all rape and molestation in the world” I would probably choose the red button over the blue. That would immediately rescue a lot of victims of statist aggression from captivity. Also, once you take people’s attention away from investigating and prosecuting victimless offenses, more of those resources can be directed toward stopping those offenses that do have victims, and thus the goal that would have been achieved by pressing the blue button is furthered.

Larson also published his “Congress campaign manifesto,” in which he showed his support for stopping the war on drugs, gun ownership rights, benevolent white supremacy, private borders, patriarchy, freedom of speech, freedom from age restrictions, suicide rights, jury trial rights, discrimination rights, and free trade.

In his manifesto, Larson speaks about his arrest for sending a letter to the Secret Service that included his plot to kill the president. Even though George W. Bush was president at the time, many believe Larson’s threat was directed towards Barack Obama. Larson does not make it clear which president he intended to kill in his letter, but hints that it was not Obama.

It has been alleged by many press outlets that I threatened to kill Barack Obama, the implication being that because of my racism, I opposed the elevation of Obama to the presidency. Like every other human being, I am indeed racist, but I did not specifically threaten Obama, nor was my threat motivated by racism. My forensic evaluation notes, “Mr. Larson allegedly sent an email to the Secret Service on December 11, 2008 in which he claimed he would kill the President of the United States in the near future. The e-mail sated his primary motivation was that the President ‘is the leader of the largest and most dangerous criminal organization in the world namely the United States government.’ The e-mail contained a polemic against the legitimacy of the government and advocated Libertarian principles. Several books advocating these principals were recommended in the e-mail.” The government is interested in prosecuting hate crimes, so if there had been any indication of a racist motive or of my having a history of racism, they would have mentioned it in the evaluation or in my presentence investigation report.

In the freedom from age restrictions area, Larson states that he believes alcohol should be regulated the same as “milk or soft drinks.” Larson believes the age of marriage should be lowered and that there should be no age requirement for children to join the workforce.

While Larson’s freedom of age restrictions is all around disturbing, his feelings towards adult-child sex are more than frightening. Especially when you consider he has a 3-year-old daughter. However, his daughter lives with family following the suicide of his ex-wife.

Boylovers claim in “The Parable of the Automobile” that man-boy sex is only harmful because society prohibits it. This is a hypothesis that perhaps should be tested in one of our laboratories of democracy.

The issues of pedophilia and adult-child sex may or may not be very important in and of themselves, but once stance on those issues is symbolic of one’s approach toward difficult issues in general, where there is a mainstream narrative that can’t be challenged without going outside the Overton window. A lot of people probably would say that there should be no Overton window, and that we should approach all issues with an open mind, until someone asks whether they would take that open-mindedness so far as to look at the idea of sex with children with the same kind of logical and evidence-based approach that, say, atheists pride themselves on using when they’re considering the likelihood that the Christian God exists. Maybe it’s no coincidence, then, that Richard Dawkins ended up being the one who got in trouble for saying not all those who sexually touch children do lasting harm. It’s not just that he lacks the Christian moral compass; he may also look at issues with a skeptical mind even when the dogma being presented is secular.

In 2008, Larson ran for Virginia’s 1st District on what he described as a “anarcho-capitalist”  platform. In the same year, Larson sent the letter to the Secret Service with his plan to kill the president which got him 14 years in federal prison.

Larson’s conviction should have barred him from entering politics again but in 2016 former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe restored voting rights to thousands of felons. In 2017 Larson ran for Virginia’s House of Delegates District 31 and only received 2% of the vote. Larson is now running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.



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