Racist Couple in Newton Kansas Catch The Eye Of Local Facebook Users

A couple in Newton, Kansas caught attention after posting an image with the caption “WHITE ON WHITE IS ONLY RIGHT”

  • Lauryn Snyder deleted the post after it started being shared on Facebook

  • Robert Miller has a long history of making threats of violence and racial statements from his accounts

  • Snyder and Miller both have a criminal history

  • Many Facebook users are concerned about Snyder’s biracial child

A couple in Newton, Kansas caught the eye of local Facebook users after screenshots of their accounts were shared on social media. The screenshots show the couple making numerous extremely racist posts on social media.

On July 23, 24-year-old Lauryn Elizabeth Snyder posted an image with her 27-year-old boyfriend Robert Wayne Miller Jr. to her Facebook account. The caption with the picture read, “WHITE ON WHITE IS ONLY RIGHT,” followed by three swastikas.

Once the post began being shared on Facebook, Snyder deleted the original post, but not until after screenshots had already started circulating.


The post was not the first time either of the two made racially charged posts. On October 4, 2017, Snyder posted a single swastika as a status. Many have pointed out that a picture Snyder posted on October 6, 2017, that shows a noose hanging next to her bed.

On July 11, Snyder shared a post that read, “‘I’m proud to be white’ I bet no one passes this on because they are scared of be called a racist.”¬†

After looking through both accounts, Miller has a much longer history of making racially charged posts to his social media.

Miller has two accounts on Facebook, both under the name Rob Miller. One account only goes back to June of this year, but Miller’s second account shows a long history of hate. In 2011, Miller made a threatening post towards someone who had apparently called him gay.

On February 22, 2014, Miller made a post that read, “white power fuck all nigers wats gud i think im feelin kinda funny ahaha.” Then on February 24, 2014, Miller made another post that read, “WHITE POWER MOTHERFUCKERS WATS GUD WERE THE HOMIES FEELIJNG KINDA FROGY FELAS I KNO WAT THAT MEAN! GET AT ME.”

On January 16, 2015, Miller made to posts in Spanish, both of which translated to a message about killing black people. One post read, “Negros muertos el mejor de negros,” which loosely translates to “Dead Blacks are the best blacks.” The other post reads, “Ima me Mata a un negro hoy,” which translates into, “I’m gonna kill me a black today.”

Both Snyder and Miller have a criminal history as well. KDOC show Snyder was convicted for possession of opiates, opium, narcotic drugs or designated stimulants that occurred in 2013. However, arrest.org has at least a dozen different mugshots of Snyder.

According to KDOC, Miller has been convicted of several crimes, including, possession of depressants, criminal threat, domestic battery, and possession of opiates. Miller also has well over a dozen mugshots on arrest.org.

Since gaining attention on social media, Miller also deleted several posts, one of which was a picture of a black Ku Klux Klan robe. Miller also deleted a post on July 23 that he tagged Snyder in. It was a link to “White Power Wallpapers” with the caption, “WHITE PRIDE FUCK NIGGERS.”

Many social media users are concerned after Snyder posted an image on Monday of her, Miller, and her biracial son. With Miller having racist beliefs and violence in his past, some are concerned that the child is possibly being exposed to the twisted beliefs of Snyder and Miller.



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