Rachel Pietro arrested after child abuse video goes viral on social media

Rachel Pietro recorded herself abusing two children in what appeared to be a threat against a man named “John”

  • Jennifer Black uploaded the video to her Facebook Thursday morning

  • The video was shared over 75,000 times in only 13 hours

  • Pietro was seen on another livestream being walked out of her residence in handcuffs

UPDATE 10:42 pm:  It has been discovered that in 2012 Pietro was on the Steve Wilkos show after her two-year-old was kicked in the face by the man she was with, and other child abuse accusations. Pietro even left a comment on this YouTube clip from the show just two months ago.

Early Thursday morning, Jennifer Black posted a video to her Facebook account of Rachel Pietro abusing two children and threatening to beat them to death. It has been 13 hours since the video was uploaded and it has already been shared over 75,000 times.

The video begins with a young girl screaming while sitting on the lower mattress of a bunk bed. Pietro grabs the terrified girl, and pushes her into the wall, then holds her face down on the mattress while slapping the girl several times.

Pietro then screams so loud that it is practically inaudible on the recording before grabbing a young boy that was also in the room, but out of sight of the camera. She then pulls the young boy up by his hair, before slapping him on top of his head repeatedly.

After physically abusing both children, Pietro grabs the camera and screams, “John if you don’t wanna come home I will beat these kids to death (inaudible) from the fucking hospital!”

Baltimore County Police Department Responds

The video sparked an overwhelming demand for action from emergency services in the Baltimore area. The Baltimore County Police Department released a statement on Thursday afternoon.

A BCoPD investigation of a viral video depicting child abuse is ongoing.

Detectives in the Crimes Against Children Unit began an investigation this morning, after the viral video surfaced on YouTube and other social media platforms. The video shows a woman and several children. The investigation focuses on a household in the Essex/Middle River area.

No charges have been filed at this time. The children have been transferred to the care of the Department of Social Services.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Adam Fonzi posted a live video to his Facebook showing law enforcement outside of Pietro’s residence. Roughly 14 minutes into the video Pietro is seen being walked to a police car in handcuffs.



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