Rachael Hilyard arrested for decapitating a 63-year-old grandmother

Rachael Hilyard has been arrested and is facing charges of First-Degree Murder after beheading 63-year-old Micki Davis

  • Davis had went to Hilyard’s home on Sunday to retrieve some of her son’s possessions

  • Hilyard attacked Davis at which point her grandson managed to escape and call 911

  • Officers found Davis’ decapitated body in the garage of the house

  • Hilyard was found hiding inside the residence

In Wichita, Kansas, 35-year-old Rachael C. Hilyard has been charged with First-Degree Murder after police say she decapitated her ex-boyfriend’s mother, 63-year-old Micki Davis.

Davis and her 9-year-old grandson went to Hilyard’s residence residence to retrieve some of Davis’ son’s possessions. It is not clear what

     63-year-old Micki Davis

went on inside the house that caused Hilyard to murder Davis.

The 9-year-old grandson fled from the house and got Davis’ phone from her vehicle, which he used to call 911 at roughly on Sunday afternoon. The boy told dispatch that his grandmother was being assaulted in the garage of the home.

Police located the grandson in the 1100 block of West Jewell. The grandson was said to have left the residence before the murder occurred. Police stated Hilyard used some kind of knife to decapitate Davis.

When officers went to the house on the 1400 block of West Rita they were not able to get anyone to answer the door. Officers were notified the assault was happening in the garage. Upon entering the garage officers discovered Davis’ decapitated body. Officers found Hilyard hiding inside of the residence.

TDH spoke to several people who knew Hilyard. We were informed that years back she had been in a car wreck that left her with some permanent brain damage.

Most who knew Hilyard said they could not believe what she had done. We were told Hilyard was very kind, but also had “issues.” Hilyard allegedly had issues with being alone, and at times “loved too much.” There were allegedly some violent episodes between Hilyard and some of her ex-boyfriends.

We were also told that Hilyard had issues with drugs, specifically methamphetamine and heroin. Jail records show that Hilyard was arrested in 2013 for four possession charges. Hilyard was on Community Corrections from September 2013 through May 2015 for the possession charges.

In the days before the gruesome murder, Hilyard made several peculiar posts to her Facebook account. Two of those posts made references to decapitation and in one post she talks about her “Psychopathic Serial Killers for beginners in training class.”

Hilyard had not been officially charged as of Monday, but that could happen as early as Tuesday. It was reported that the case will be presented to the District Attorney on either Tuesday or Wednesday.



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