Queensland Police Ask For Help After Largest Crocodile Killed In Rockhampton

Queensland Police Service asks the community for information after the largest crocodile in the area found killed in Rockhampton

  • The crocodile is reported to be 5.2-meters which is the largest in the area for twenty to thirty years

  • The crocodile was reported to have a gunshot wound to the head

  • Wildlife officials are concerned that the death will cause other crocodiles to get into a violent struggle for power

Queensland, Australia police are asking for help to track down the killer of a 5.2-meter crocodile that was found dead on the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton at around 1:15 on Friday.

The massive saltwater crocodile was found after a citizen tipped off wildlife officials. It was reported that the crocodile had a gunshot wound to his head. It is illegal to take or kill, a crocodile in the area without the proper authority.


Koorana Crocodile Farm

The crocodile is now being examined at Koorana crocodile farm where it will be buried. The Guardian reported that farm owner John Leaver claimed a crocodile of this size had not been discovered in the area for twenty to thirty years.

It is believed the crocodile had been dead for at least a few days. A citizen in the area reported the crocodile after spotting it floating in the water. Leaver said there was a large hole in the crocodile’s skull, which was most likely caused by a high-caliber rifle.

Now that the largest saltwater crocodile in the area is dead, there are genuine concerns that there will be a violent response to the death. Other male crocodiles will now begin to act differently as a violent power struggle will inevitably ensue to determine the new dominant male in the area.

The transfer of power could take anywhere from days to months. Those who live in crocodile prone areas are being urged to report any crocodiles seen to officials, even if they are regularly seen. Wildlife officials have begun monitoring the river and other areas of Queensland.



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