‘Quanda Still Standing’ In Custody After Threatening To Kill Baby

A viral post showed a woman known as ‘Quanda Still Standing’ threatening to kill her baby in Facebook messenger

  • The post made by Yung Gregory was shared over 36,000 times in under two hours

  • The woman sent two videos of her coming close to drowning the baby while making threats

  • Gregory posted that the mother and the child were in police custody about two and a half hours after his initial post

UPDATE: The Atlanta Police Department released the following statement on their Facebook page. The post confirmed the woman and child are in custody, but not in Atlanta. The incident occurred in a neighboring jurisdiction. 

The Department has been made aware of a disturbing video circulating on Facebook of a mother abusing her infant child. While this crime did not occur in the City of Atlanta, please know the mother was taken into custody in a nearby jurisdiction and the child is safe. Please do not circulate the video further. We thank everyone for their concern and for reporting this crime to the proper authorities.

On Tuesday evening, Yung Gregory made a post to Facebook pleading for help after the mother of his cousin Kevin Banks’ child threatened to kill his daughter.

Gregory posted two screenshots, one of a conversation with Quanda, and one of her Facebook profile. In the screenshot of the conversation, the child’s mother — who has yet to be named by police — Quanda asks about Banks sending her money before threatening to kill the baby on a livestream.

Please!!!!! fb help me share this my cousin Kevin Banks baby moms is threatening to kill there daughter we don’t know there where abouts last know area was Henry County she is somewhere in Atlanta she sent it 2hours ago please help fb friends share her name on FB is Quanda Still Standing!!!!!

So u ain’t gonna send me my money u still right
So u ain’t gonna send me my money u still right
This baby bout to die on god
send me my money now or she bouta to die on live

Along with the two images was two videos of a woman dangling a baby’s head under water and crying while saying, “Is this what you fucking want? This is what you fucking want right here ain’t it!” In the second video, the woman has the baby laying in water as she says “I don’t want this fucking baby no more” and is pushing on the baby’s abdomen.

The post was shared over 35,000 times in just two hours. About two and a half hours after his initial post, Gregory made another post saying the child and mother were in police custody.

The Police has the baby and the mother in custody thank you fb family 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I’m in tears but me and my cousin are very grateful for you all !!!!

Twenty minutes later Gregory made another post to his Facebook.

I know the video is disturbing to watch do to many of us being parents. But unfortunately right now the authorities have told me I have to leave it up for investigation purposes. Thank you all again.




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