QAnon Claims Trump Trolled The George Herbert Walker Bush Funeral

QAnon followers claim “Trump and Company” made a statement at the George Herbert Walker Bush funeral

  • Followers of  the online conspiracy group believe FOX News purposely used an angle of the funeral to show the flag upside down and the letter Q

  • QAnon is an online conspiracy group known for giving out vague and incorrect clues about government corruption

  • It is normal for QAnon followers to use a warped perception of an incident in order to self-validate the accuracy of their claims

It is no secret that the Internet has a massive problem with misinformation being shared across social media platforms by sometimes millions of users. A quickly growing piece of this misinformation lies in the conspiracy-based online cult of QAnon.

For those not familiar with QAnon it is an Internet conspiracy group that believes President Donald Trump is basically the chosen one sent to destroy the corrupt, Satan worshiping, pedophile, liberal cabal armed with thousand of sealed indictments.

Nobody is exactly sure who “Q” is, but for some reason, thousands upon thousands of people are willing to follow the online presence blindly. People cling to QAnon’s claims due to the fact that it is hard to prove a majority of the claims false, but it is even harder to prove them right. That is because QAnon’s claims are broad and riddled to cover a vast area of a topic. Instead of simply revealing information, QAnon leaves “breadcrumbs” that take away any responsibility of making a false claim. At the same time, these vague references allow Q followers to apply them to almost anything even slightly related to the original claim.

While QAnon followers have believed some pretty ridiculous bullshit, the funeral for former President George Herbert Walker Bush has spawned one of the most ridiculous claims yet. QAnon followers think the Trump administration sent out a “statement” at Bush’s funeral.

An image of Bush’s casket from FOX News has been twisted into this alleged statement. The claim is that FOX purposely showed an angle of the casket with an American flag draped over it to show the flag upside down and a “Q” on the floor.

The @findtruthQ Twitter account tweeted out two images showing the absurd claim. The first image shows the still frame from FOX. Underneath it is the same image with a Q drawn over it. The caption reads, “DJT45 and Company made a statement today that’s for damn sure.”

An upside coffin with a wrinkled flag directly inside a Q.

This is next level trolling and symbolism by the good guys. I’ve never seen anything like it.

DJT45 and Company made a statement today that’s for damn sure.

#Qarmy #Qanon #WWG1WGA

In the second image, more people are gathered around the coffin. The tweet claims the people are clearly forming a Q as part of Trump’s statement.

Thanks for this image @glynndt

The people standing around the coffin are in a Q formation as well…

Of course, there are multiple problems with this claim to fame. For one, the flag is not hanging, making the distress claim a bit far-fetched. In reality, whenever the American flag is used to drape a closed casket, it is placed with the union at the head and over the left shoulder of the deceased. Some have claimed that the flag not being tucked in was a sign of disrespect, however there are unlimited military funeral pictures only a Google search away that prove that claim to be false, like the picture below.

One should also note there is no Q pattern on the floor. In fact, the circle being claimed to be connected to the Q is not even the same color as the tail. The picture shows at least four other tails of the same color protruding from the ring of tile.

In reality, it seems with the Trump administration facing more problems than ever, and some of the more disastrous impacts of the administration beginning to be felt by the American people, QAnon followers are desperately grasping on to anything to make them feel the conspiracy that they have devoted so much hope into is not crumbling before their eyes.



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