Protesters Sprayed With Maced Outside Of St Louis Gas Mart

Protester maced outside of St Louis Gas Mart during second day of protest over clerks kicking a woman

  • Video of the incident was posted to Shermika Russell’s Facebook where it went viral

  • In the video Jehad Motan and Ahmed Qandeel are seen kicking a woman after telling her to leave the property

  • Motan and Qandeel have both been arrested and charged with fourth degree assault

  • Security for the store sprayed a group of protesters on Wednesday

On Tuesday, protesters in St Louis shut down a gas station after a video went viral showing two store’s clerks following a woman outside then kicking her.

The incident occurred at the Gas Mart on Delmar Boulevard. Footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday morning by Shemika Russell.

After the video went viral, the two men were taken into custody by the St Louis Police Department at around 1:30 pm. A few hours after the men were arrested protesters began showing up at the Gas Mart to address the issue. Is was reported the protest brought out about 50 people and no arrests were made.

On Wednesday it was reported that 32-year-old Jehad Motan, and 19-year-old Ahmed Qandeel are charged with fourth-degree assault—which is a misdemeanor—for kicking 37-year-old Kelli Adams.

Protests continued on Wednesday at the Gas Mart. At one point a someone from inside the store sprayed mace on the crowd in front of the Gas Mart on a Facebook LIVE video from Real Stl News. During the stream, those attending the protest claimed a woman had a seizure after being sprayed with mace.

By nightfall, the protest had escalated to the point of some pretty serious vandalism. A window on the store was possibly broke out and a nearby car may have been lit on fire.

At this time it is unknown if any arrests were made. Police claim to be investigating the incident involving mace at Wednesday’s protest. The main group of protesters were not sure who was responsible for the acts of vandalism and claim it was never their intention.

St Louis has become home to veteran protesters who are well educated in the laws and do what they can to keep relationships civil between frustrated residents and a police department that has lost the trust of minority communities long ago.



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