President Trump looks to prove his hands are not too small to build a wall

President Trump has signed an executive order to begin construction on the infamous wall

  • Taxpayers will be forced to pay for the wall initially

  • Trump claims that Mexico will reimburse taxpayers for the wall but has not gone into detail on how

  • The wall is expected to cost at least $8 billion but could go as high as $30 billion

  • Experts have said that they believe the wall could take as long as 16-years to build

Since taking office, President Trump has been on a warpath with executive orders beginning on Monday. The latest of those orders fulfilled one of his main campaign promises on Wednesday afternoon, to build the infamous wall.

Trump will lead the Department of Homeland Security in constructing a “large physical barrier on the Southern border.” The idea behind the wall is that it will stop the flow of drugs and immigrants into America. It is not yet clear if the wall will block off existing deals between the federal government and cartels.

Taxpayers Are Going To Initially Flip The Bill

It would also appear that taxpayers will be paying for this wall that experts have estimated would take roughly 16-years to build. Trump claims that in the end, Mexico will reimburse the American taxpayers for the wall. However, there has been no detail given what-so-ever on how exactly Trump plans on getting Mexico to pay for this wall, as the country has not hidden their feelings towards the ridiculous idea.

Trump claims the wall will initially cost taxpayers $8 to $12 billion, but others have estimated the cost to be as high as $30 billion. Early construction will be funded with existing funds from DHS, according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Sanctuary Cities Risk Restricted Federal Funding

The wall was not Trump’s only action on Wednesday, as he also made it clear that he wanted to restrict federal funding for “sanctuary cities” here in the US. Sanctuary cities are areas where local law enforcement refuse to take action against someone for simply being an immigrant. At this time, the US has well over two dozen sanctuary cities, including New York and LA.

Trump also made it clear that he wants to be done with the “catch and release” policy of the DHS when dealing with immigrants. Instead, he wants for immigrants to start filling our prisons, which is most likely music to the booming privatized prison industry’s ears.

Trump appears to be making reckless and impromptu decisions quicker than a child with a brand new BB gun. Wednesday’s executive orders follow Tuesday’s orders to push through not just the Dakota Access Pipeline, but also the long defeated Keystone XL.




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