What Is The Piece Of Your Love Challenge Based Around A 2016 Song By iBeFoolynn

  • The latest social media challenge has side chicks and side dudes calling out cheaters
  • Piece of your love challenge videos use iBeFoolynn’s song from 2016 “Piece of Yo Love”
  • With the challenge comes the hashtag #PieceOfYourLove

The social media challenge side chicks and dudes everywhere have been waiting for has officially begun with the “Piece Of Your Love Challenge.”

Videos are being uploaded to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #PieceOfYourLove. The challenge gives the “other man” or “other woman” the chance to scream loud and proudly, “I’m fucking someone’s significant other!”

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It is unclear why exactly, or where the challenge started. The general theme of the videos is to start with images or videos of the poster — the poster being the side chick or dude — as iBeFoolynn’s song from 2016 “Piece of Yo Love” plays in the background.

As the video goes on, by the end of iBeFoolynn’s first verse the video begins showing pictures with the cheating partner and their significant other. The chorus of iBeFoolynn’s song goes, “Can I have a piece of your love? Tell your bitch I like you. Fuck she gonna do when she see me with you?”

Needless to say, the song is more than appropriate for the theme of the latest social media challenge and social media users are eagerly waiting for the repercussions of these cheating significant others being put on blast. Below are a few of videos from the piece of your love challenge.



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