Phil “Mustard” Braun Burns His Feet On Twitter In Nike Kaepernick Protest

Phil “Mustard” Braun led thousands of Twitter users to believe he severely burned his feet in current trend of destroying Nike gear

  • People began destroying Nike products after it was revealed Colin Kaepernick is the face of their latest ad campaign

  • On Monday Braun posted a series of images that showed him burning his Nike shoes while wearing them

  • Braun admitted on Tuesday that the series of images was purely satire

The latest Internet outrage trend is here after it was revealed that Nike decided to use Colin Kaepernick as the face for their most recent ad campaign.

One black and white photograph has Kaepernick’s face and reads, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” At the bottom of the image is the Nike swoosh along with the company’s catchphrase “Just Do It.”

The decision has some social media users entirely disgusted by the decision. A call to boycott Nike has been given life through the trending hashtag #BoycottNike, and of course, people are destroying their Nike gear in hopes of proving some ridiculous point. Because everybody knows the best way to stick it too the man is destroying the stuff that you bought with your own money.

Regardless of how ridiculous the idea behind this recent outrage trend is, we have to deal with the fact that it is currently a thing. While many social media users are cutting and burning their Nike gear, there is one story that sticks out.

Phil Braun, a Twitter user that goes by the handle @playazball uploaded images of him burning his Nike shoes in solidarity against the ad campaign. The only thing that made his images standout is that he was burning them while still wearing them.

On Monday, Braun made a tweet in which he referred to himself as “Mustard” and announced his plan to burn his Nike shoes.

#Mustard stands for the flag and I will burn my Nikes and go viral.

Sure enough, shortly the Twitter account tweeted two images. One of Mustard standing with a butane lighter wearing his Nike shoes. In the next image, we see Mustard is bending over and lighting his shoes on fire. The caption with the images claim Mustard stands for the flag.

My name is #Mustard and I stand for the #flag and to honer @bigandrich and their Soundman & the Prresident I am going to burn my #Nike shoes!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥

A third image shows Mustard standing in his burning shoes.

Please RT #Mustard #Nike #BigandRich @johnrich #USA

About an hour later Twitter account tweeted an image of two severely burned feet that merely read, “i am in the hospital.” At that point, the Internet lost its shit. People could not believe Braun could be so stupid — as if there is anything intelligent about this current trend.

After a series of tweets following the image of the burned feet, Braun tweeted an image of his burned shoes with the caption, “Unfortunately some peices of the Nike shoes grafted to my feet. Docter says I may lose them anyway so I may just have them amputated #BoycottNike.”

On Tuesday, Braun admitted that it was satire after sharing a couple articles debunking the viral story. Braun retweeted a response to his image from @BroomallSteve.

Please tell me that this is a satire site, because I’m having a hard time believing that anyone could be this stupid. If it’s satire, it’s genius. If you’re serious, you just might be the biggest idiot in the country. Congrats either way.

In the caption of the retweet, Braun admits, “Both are correct. It is satire, and I am the biggest idiot in the country.”

Braun also tweeted an image of his feet that have no burns. The image he used in his viral tweet claiming to be in the hospital can be found through a simple Google image search.

The real goal of Braun’s tweet was to show how stupid this current outrage trend is and his plan appears to have worked. In messages with the Daily Dot, Braun explained the reasoning for his trolling on Twitter.

I am satirizing those on the right who are protesting Nike in this case, by mocking their form of ‘protest. The fact that people think this is something that might be real is quite telling about our society right now. My post is really more of a commentary on how stupid I think they are, by pretending to be stupid myself. I fully support Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest, and support his cause to create dialogue about race.

For anybody considering the idea of burning their Nike gear to be part of this trend, we hope you would possibly consider donating the items into a homeless outreach center in your area instead. There are many homeless veterans that will not mind who Nike has advertising for their company.

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