Prosecutors Release Parkland Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Interrogation

On Wednesday the State Attorney’s Office released video clips of Parkland Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz’s interrogation

  • Earlier in the week a redacted transcript was released of the interrogation

  • Cruz’s public defender requested the interrogation video be sealed as it may sway a jury

  • The judge refused the request and the State Attorney’s Office released the video on Wednesday

  • Cruz is seen pretending his hand is a gun and punching himself in the face while left alone

  • Cruz claims he hears a voice in his head and refers to it as a demon

On Wednesday, clips from Parkland, Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s 13-hour interrogation were released following a transcript that was released earlier in the week.

Cruz’s public defender had requested the entire interview remain private as it could possibly sway jury members. The judge refused the request and allowed for portions of the interrogation to be released. The clips were put into one video and released by the State Attorney’s Office. A transcript of the interrogation was released earlier in the week and can be read in full below.

Parkland Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Interview Transcript by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Cruz’s legal team had offered to enter a guilty plea and take life in prison if the death sentence was no taken off the table. The State Attorney’s Office has refused the offer from Cruz’s legal team.

While Cruz is sitting alone in the interrogation room, he is seen pretending his hand is a gun and putting it to his head while making a gesture like he is shooting. Cruz also begins punching himself in both sides of his face with both hands.

Detective John Curcio of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office conducted the interrogation. Cruz tells him that he hears a voice in his head. Cruz admits that he has injured animals, namely birds with a pellet gun. The teen states the voice told him to hurt animals and burn things in a fire pit.

Cruz told Curcio he used Xanax and marijuana. He also admitted to attempting to kill himself two months before the shooting with Ibuprofen. Cruz states that he snuck out of his brother’s house where he was staying and went to a Walgreens and bought “Ibuprofen, Advil.” After buying the medication, Cruz says he went back to his brother’s house where he ate “a bunch” of them.

Cruz claims his heart and stomach began to hurt so he went and started throwing up in the bathroom. When Curcio asks if Cruz went to the hospital for this incident he nods his head no. Curcio asks if that was the only time he had tried committing suicide, to which Cruz responds no.

Six years before the shooting, before Cruz’s mother died, he claims he attempted to give himself alcohol poisoning with vodka, tequila and wine. When Curcio backtracks and asks why Cruz tried to kill himself two months, the teen responds that he was depressed about “everything.” In specific, Cruz claims he was depressed because his mother died.

Cruz tells Curcio that he had a past problem with law enforcement for shooting chickens. He states that he was not arrested for the incident, but that police did come to his mother’s door. Cruz says he also had past interaction with police for riding bikes but was never arrested.

When reading Cruz his rights, Curcio has to repeat the right to remain silent multiple times. Cruz claims he does not understand what Curcio is saying. After explaining and repeating several times, Cruz finally claims to understand.

Cruz claims the voice inside his head is a demon. He admits to Curcio that Xanax made the demon go away, but marijuana worked better. However, Cruz claims he did not like to smoke marijuana because it was illegal. Cruz tells Curcio while seeing a doctor for a broken finger he did not mention that he was hearing a demon or his anxiety. At that point, Curcio asks, “you sure you don’t like the demon’s voice?” Cruz responded, “no”.

People are torn on the video of the interrogation. Some say the video clearly shows that Cruz is mentally ill and needs help, while others claim it is just an act to help his case later on.



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