Parents Are Actually Forcing Their Kids To Drink Bleach To Cure Autism

At least six different police forces in Britain are questioning families over forcing their children to drink bleach to cure autism

  • Parents are also giving their children bleach enemas to kill parasites they falsely believe cause autism

  • Danny Glass is one of the advocates encouraging parents to give their children bleach

  • In 2016 parents in California were giving children bleach to cure autism under instruction of the Genesis II Church

Just when we thought there could be no greater disappointment in humanity following the “Tide Pod Challenge,” we find out that parents in Britain are forcing children as young as 2-years-old to drink bleach in an attempt to cure autism.

The Mirror reported just days ago that six different police forces across Britain are questioning families over allegations that parents are forcing their children to drink bleach hoping it will cure their autism.

It is reported that former drug addict Danny Glass, better known online as “SunfruitDan,” is one of the uneducated bleach advocates encouraging parents to have their children drink bleach. Even more alarming, Glass and his cult-like church also encourage the use of bleach enemas to destroy parasites.

SunfruitDan also claims turpentine, or “turps,” can cure everything from AIDS to Lupus. The dangerous treatments that SunfruitDan encourages others to use obviously have no medical research backing his claims of medicinal value.

While Britain is making international headlines due to this frankly idiotic treatment, it turns out America has had problems with the same misguided advice in the past, and possibly currently.

In an article from 2016, the Independent reported that families in California were giving their children industrial strength bleach to cure their autism.

Much like the situation in Britain, families were purchasing a “treatment” called MMS, which is short for “Miracle Mineral Solution.” MMS is made of two chemicals, – sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid – which when mixed make bleach.

In America, the dangerous treatment was recommended by the very secretive Genesis II Church, founded by former Scientologist Jim Humble. Humble is also known for claiming himself to be a “billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy.”

Those for the use of MMS claim it to be “so benign you can use it on your skin, hair, ears, eyes, orally, rectally, vaginally, inhaled, etc.” However, once the product is mixed with fruit juice as recommended it acidifies and becomes chlorine dioxide, a bleach that can be potentially fatal. MMS was banned in Canada after an elderly man experienced a life-threatening reaction.

Advocates of the dangerous solution such as Kerri Rivera in Mexico claim parasites can cause autism, yet another theory that holds absolutely no medical backing. The misguided theory is what Rivera uses to encourage parents to give their children bleach enemas.

A woman told the Mirror’s investigator in a social media chat that the first time she gave her 2-year-old his bleach enema with a water bottle he “cried really hard.” The woman claimed that since then things are continuing to get “better and better.”

Secret Facebook groups appear to be the source of uneducated parents spreading their ill-informed advocacy for children drinking bleach. Medical professionals around the world are alarmed and have spoken out against the use of bleach to treat medical illnesses. While some argue that is the pharmaceutical companies trying to hide a cure for autism – which does happen – this is not one of those situations. There is no conspiracy to hide the medicinal value of bleach for your autistic child.



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