Who is Facebook killer Steve Stephens ex-girlfriend Joy Lane

Steve Stephens posted videos has blamed ex-girlfriend Joy Lane for murdering Robert Godwin Sr in a video he posted to Facebook Lane has been placed in police protective custody while Stephens remains on the loose Before deleting her Facebook account Lane made a post letting loved ones know she was in police custody Police say… Keep Reading


Augusta Police exonerate officer who killed a veteran’s service dog

Augusta police have exonerated the officer who shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite on Thursday afternoon Augusta Public Safety Director Tyler Brewer said the officer shot Midnite as he was “flying through the air” towards the animal control officer. Witness accounts that don’t match the police narrative have been dismissed The Wichita Eagle… Keep Reading

Human Rights

Michigan ER doctor Jumana Nagarwala charged with performing female genital mutilation on girls around the age of 7

Jumana Nagarwala is charged with performing genital mutilation on multiple girls around the age of seven Nagarwala practiced emergency medicine doctor at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Court documents show two girls that identified Nagarwala as the one who performed a procedure on them Multiple girls have said that Nagarwala performed genital mutilation on… Keep Reading


Augusta Kansas Police shoot and kill Veteran’s service dog “Midnite” then issue him two citations

An officer in Augusta, Kansas shot and killed Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite Thursday afternoon An officer went with animal control to Fitzgerald’s residence after a call about a dog attack Witnesses say the officer opened Fitzgerald’s door and was seen kicking Midnite Augusta Police issued Fitzgerald two citations on Friday the day… Keep Reading


What is the MOAB bomb that America just dropped in Afghanistan

On Thursday America used a GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) on a cave system in Nangarhar Province Afghanistan The MOAB bomb is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the American military inventory  Albert L Weimorts Jr developed the MOAB during America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq The Pentagon suggested the MOAB was created as a weapon for… Keep Reading

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