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Leaked Audio And Drug Test From Schwab Case Shows The Dark Side Of The Kansas DCF

Leaked audio and drug test from the Schwab case shows the dark side of the ...

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You Can Buy Macho Man Randy Savage’s Used Undies For $8,000 On eBay

An eBay user posted a pair of trunks worn by Macho Man Randy Savage for ...

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In 2012 Kansas SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore blatantly lied about the number of substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online

Secretary of DCF claimed almost 13,000 substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online in ...

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A look into the Atchison, Kansas Sallie House alleged home to “The Heartland Ghost”

Since the early 90’s people believe the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas is haunted by ...

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As Winter Storm Stella moves in Sentinels continue to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Sentinels continue to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during Winter Storm Stella The Tomb ...

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New Ferguson footage challenges police narrative of the Mike Brown shooting

Footage from the Stranger Fruits documentary challenges police narrative of the Mike Brown shooting in ...

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More questions about donations following the end of Sacred Stone Camp

People are beginning to wonder what happened to all the money donated to Sacred Stone ...

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Police Are Now Targeting Veterans, Just for Heading to Standing Rock

Two groups of veterans were pulled over without explanation on the way to Standing Rock ...

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Human Rights

Anonymous Claims To Have Control Of White Supremacist Outlet Daily Stormer

Anonymous claims to have taken control of white supremacist site the Daily Stormer following an ...

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KS Cat Fight: Couple Found Guilty of Feeding Strays & Facing Possible Jail Time, File Appeal

An Augusta, Kansas, couple has been slapped with hundreds in fines and potential jail time for a second violation — for feeding stray cats.

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St Louis Police Prepares For Second Night Of Protests At Hall St Workhouse

Police stopped protesters at the Hall St Workhouse in St Louis from an attempting to ...

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New Report Claims Up to 40,000 Civilians Perished in US-led Effort to Liberate Mosul

Despite US claims to the contrary, Kurdish Intelligence officials now say more than 40,000 innocents were killed in the battle to wrest Mosul from Daesh.

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Video Shows Inmates In St Louis Workhouse Scream For Help As Temperatures Break 100 Degrees

Viral video shows inmates screaming for help from inside the St Louis Workhouse in 100 ...

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Officer’s Body Cams Were Not Recording Video During The Shooting Of Justine Damond

Two Minneapolis Police Officer’s body cameras were said to be turned off when Officer Mohamed ...

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Bystanders Tried in Vain to Save Drowning Child — While Police, EMTs ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’

(TFTP) “They all just stood and watched,” lamented Patrick Hedican, 28, after a harrowing incident ...

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How European Courts Just Failed Charlie Gard And The Study Of Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled they would not be stepping in to prevent ...

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