Hospitals Across Britain Shut Down By A Massive Ransomware Attack

Hospitals across Britain have been shut down by a massive ransomware attack The attack began at 12:30 pm after the National Health Service email servers crashed The hackers are demanding $300 (£415,000) bitcoin to release the computers by May 19 In 2016 Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid $17,000 to hackers after a ransomware attack All across… Keep Reading

Human Rights

A Look Into Operation Icarus And The World Of Global Hacking

A brief look at Operation Icarus and the world of global hacking In 2016 Operation Icarus was initiated and targeted “all central banks” Over the years we have watched an increase in state-sponsored hackers In 2009 the public silence surrounding the NSA’s hacker elites known as TAO was broken It has been a long, dark, and… Keep Reading

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